“He’s an innocent kid”

Since the middle of August, there have been a series of sexual assaults in the Bloor West Village area of Toronto.  “Sexual assault” in Canadian law covers everything from inappropriate touching to rape.  In each case, the victim was approached from behind and groped.  These all occurred after dark, usually on side streets where, since this is an older area of the city, the trees often prevent the light from streetlamps reaching the sidewalk.

The police put extra officers into the area, including undercover officers, in an attempt to arrest this man.  Their efforts worked.  Last night a 15 year old boy was arrested and charged with14 counts of sexual assault.  In an interview on CTV Toronto News, the boy’s uncle said, as I showed in the title “He’s an innocent kid”.  Sure he is. He was arrested while groping an undercover cop.  Don’t know where the uncle is living, but being caught in the act normally blows the “innocent” idea out of the water around Toronto.

According to the uncle, his nephew said to the uncle “they set me up”.  Right.  They set you up how?  By having a young undercover cop walk down a side street where you could get her alone?  Was she wearing a sign on her back that said “grope me”?  I don’t think so.  Nobody set you up except your own desires.

“He’s an innocent kid” my ass.   The only shame in this is that since he’s fifteen years of age, the maximum sentence will be three years under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

To my readers, enjoy your week.  Remember to hug an artist – we need love too and always be aware of your surroundings.


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