Twenty children aged between 5 and 10; seven adults including the shooter’s mother and the shooter himself.  That’s the disheartening news from Newtown, Connecticut today when a monster, whom I will not name, gained access to Sandy Hook school in that town and opened fire.  Current reports are that these incidents took place in two classrooms.  I haven’t heard details yet – the police aren’t saying much because, to use their description, “it’s an ongoing investigation” – but if that is the case, I would think this monster’s main target was his mother and the rest were, as the military puts it “collateral damage”.  They  happened to get his attention somehow.

That this “thing” wanted to kill his mother is bad enough, but to shoot twenty children as well is unspeakable.  The only question that comes to mind is “why?”

Another report via CNN is another attack on schoolchildren.  This time a man, later determined to be mentally ill, used a knife to attack 22 children in a school in China.

When and why did it become open season on our children?  What could possibly prompt people to target the most defenceless among us?  Are these callous acts simply because the young can’t defend themselves?  Or is the reason perhaps more selfish on the part of the shooter and they are looking for the notoriety such acts usually bring them?

These despicable acts are usually well-covered by the media.  Today, for example, about the only thing on both CNN and the CTV News Channel has been coverage of the shootings in Newtown.  I’m not suggesting these events shouldn’t be covered for they are major news, but perhaps a little less saturation coverage would dilute the appeal for the monsters that perpetrate these horrors upon us.  If they know they won’t be national or international news, that thought may dampen some of their evil enthusiasm.

Offer prayers for the children and parents, both in China, and Newtown Connecticut.


Are you sure?

Caught an item on the late CTV news tonight that what is described as “quite a few” Americans are considering moving to Canada since Obama won the election.

You may think that’s a great idea – after all we’re just like you except we talk funny eh.  Well, yes and no.  Because Canada is inundated with American entertainment, you’re not going to miss your favourite television shows – we’ll have them somewhere on the dial.  And you can be reasonably assured of better weather on Thanksgiving since ours is in early October, not late November. And there’s still football on Thanksgiving, although it may be the Canadian Football League (which supporters claim is superior to the American game – at least the field is larger). Those are a couple of the good things.

But, are you aware Canada has had socialized medicare since sometime in the last century?  And did you know that same-sex marriage has been legal federally for at least the past five years?  Oh yes, and gay rights are enshrined in our Bill of Rights.  I understand Republicans have been opposed to these, so before you move here, you’d have to consider whether those could be deal-breakers or not.  You’d also have to learn to put the “u” in words like neighbour and colour – that’s the law.  No, seriously. Our first Prime Minister, Sir John A Macdonald, managed to get an act through Parliament that made the inclusion of the “u” the only legal spelling.  One final thing – you’d have to leave your guns south of the border. Not allowed in Canada.   And, if you’re from Washington or Colorado, sorry, but weed is not legal in Canada either.

We won’t get into the economics of your move to Canada other than to say you will pay more for the identical products.

So, given all this, are you sure you want to move to Canada?

Think about it and if you decide you can live with these differences, welcome eh.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


Random musings

1 – This also happens in Canadian politics as well so I think it’s a valid question.  Who actually determines the winners in elections – is it the electoral process, as it should be, or is it the media?   I saw headlines (actually it was across the bottom of the screen) that read something like “media declares Obama winner”.  Granted the electoral system in Canada is different, but again, we find the media declaring a winner long before all the votes could possibly be counted. I always understood that these computerized projections the media use during election coverage are not necessarily accurate.  How could they be when the raw data is input by fallible humans?  Do you suppose we will ever again see an election where the people responsible for doing so will get to announce the election results before the media tells us what their projections show?  Almost sounds dictatorial: “the results of tomorrow’s election are …”  And have the media forgotten perhaps the most infamous of their projections:  “Dewey wins”?

2 – It is often said that people don’t want to get involved, especially if the event involves misfortune for someone else. On the late news on CTV Toronto tonight, there were two items where people did get involved.  The first was a fire in the east end of Toronto early this morning.  According to the news report, the fire was preceded by an explosion, which naturally attracted the attention of the neighbours.  At least one of those neighbours rushed over to help the people escape the blaze.

The other incident was a lady who had been hit by, and was trapped under, a Jeep in midtown Toronto.  Reports are that at least ten people left their vehicles and lifted the Jeep off the lady and pulled her out from under the Jeep – all this before EMS arrived on the scene.  They also kept the driver of the Jeep from fleeing the scene before police arrived.

3 – And finally, as I write this, it is 11:50 pm on November 26.  Standard time began at 2 am last Sunday. How long do you think it will take WordPress to change the time display on the stats to Standard time?   Just asking.

Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


“He’s an innocent kid”

Since the middle of August, there have been a series of sexual assaults in the Bloor West Village area of Toronto.  “Sexual assault” in Canadian law covers everything from inappropriate touching to rape.  In each case, the victim was approached from behind and groped.  These all occurred after dark, usually on side streets where, since this is an older area of the city, the trees often prevent the light from streetlamps reaching the sidewalk.

The police put extra officers into the area, including undercover officers, in an attempt to arrest this man.  Their efforts worked.  Last night a 15 year old boy was arrested and charged with14 counts of sexual assault.  In an interview on CTV Toronto News, the boy’s uncle said, as I showed in the title “He’s an innocent kid”.  Sure he is. He was arrested while groping an undercover cop.  Don’t know where the uncle is living, but being caught in the act normally blows the “innocent” idea out of the water around Toronto.

According to the uncle, his nephew said to the uncle “they set me up”.  Right.  They set you up how?  By having a young undercover cop walk down a side street where you could get her alone?  Was she wearing a sign on her back that said “grope me”?  I don’t think so.  Nobody set you up except your own desires.

“He’s an innocent kid” my ass.   The only shame in this is that since he’s fifteen years of age, the maximum sentence will be three years under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

To my readers, enjoy your week.  Remember to hug an artist – we need love too and always be aware of your surroundings.