Are they listening to themselves?

I’ve been thinking about this for a little while now before I decided to write something because there are times I’m a little hot-headed.  That usually means much more time editing that I actually spent writing.

Through a UK website, pinknews, I’ve been reading about some of the pronouncements of the anti-gay crowd and I have to ask myself two questions.  First, as the title says, “are they listening to themselves?” and second, “does this lot have a brain among them?”

Here are some examples of what I mean:

– (I can`t find the article any longer and don`t recall if the Representative in question was state or federal).  From the context this was written shortly before the Supreme Court decision on DOMA.  This man said that overturning DOMA would lead to straight men pretending to be gay so they could marry other men just to take advantage of the benefits.  He compared it to a foreign national marrying an American to gain citizenship.  Is there a brain in that head?  These are benefits that married couples already enjoy and this will only extend them to same-sex couples.  And if this hypothetical man pretending to by gay were to marry a woman an additional benefit would be sex.  Was this Representative listening to himself when he made his pronouncement?

– Two pastors in Colorado blamed the recent wildfires in that state on a photograph that appeared on the front page of The Denver Post that showed the Majority House Leader kissing his partner on the steps of the legislature.  According to one of these pastors, God reads the Denver Post, which is how He became aware of this incident. Funny, I thought He read the Globe and Mail from Toronto. The straw man from Wizard of Oz has more of a brain than these two put together.

– Finally, Westboro Baptist Church is at it again.  This time they not only proved they are homophobic, but bullies as well.  According to the brief article, an anti-bullying group was running a lemonade stand to raise some funds.  The stand was painted pink and at the time in question was being run by a five-year-old. I presume a parent was hovering nearby.  Westboro took exception to the colour of the stand and raised a fuss.

I know that at one time there was a petition being circulated to have WBC declared a hate group.  Don’t know what’s happening with that but I certainly hope that petition receives serious consideration by American lawmakers.  After all, they were banned from Britain for a reason.

Now, I have no objection to anyone having and expressing an opinion – after all, when you read these postings, you’re getting my opinions.  I like to think there is some logic in my writings.  I also think it would be nice if others would put a bit of logic in their pronouncements as well.  These three individuals and one organization appear to be so blinded by their homophobia that they can’t see there is no logic in their actions and statements.  They are obviously not listening to what they’re saying.


Join the 21st century, please

Other than Westboro Baptist Church, I can’t think of any organisation more vehemently opposed to gay rights and equal marriage than the Roman Catholic Church.

My computer has been down and I’m still rebuilding my bookmarks. One of those bookmarks I added today is  Today I noticed an article that said on May 2, Rhode Island signed into law a bill legalising same-sex marriage, the tenth state to so do.  Good for Rhode Island.

The Roman Catholic Church has been in opposition to anything involving the LGBT community for years as evidenced by some of Benedict XVI’s pronouncements on the topic.  The Roman Catholic Bishop of Rhode Island seems to be carrying on where the pope emeritus left off.  Following the passing of this new law, the Bishop has reportedly said that Roman Catholics should carefully consider their involvement with, or attendance at, any gay marriages lest they jeopardize their relationship with God.  Let me see if I have this straight – the Roman Catholic Church preaches that their God is a God of love, yet if Roman Catholics attend a ceremony in which two people of the same sex proclaim their love for each other,  God won’t love them anymore.  Does that sound like a fair interpretation of the Bishop’s comment?

Of course, this is the same official who stated in January 2013 that equal marriage poses a threat to religious freedom.  From various pronouncements issuing from Rome on a wide range of topics, I have the impression that the Roman Catholic Church defines “religious freedom” as following the teachings of that church blindly.

We are in the second decade of the twenty-first century.  During the twentieth century, people learned to think for themselves; to question what they are told and, if necessary, reject teachings that are at odds with their own beliefs.  The last half of the last century saw the gay community make great strides in acceptance, not only socially, but legally as well.  The days are long past when the Roman Catholic Church, or any other religious institution, can expect automatic unquestioning  acceptance of their pronouncements and instructions.  Today, the church has to learn to accept and adjust to the realities of the twenty-first secular world if it is keep itself relevant.