Enough is enough

I’ve been running four separate Facebook profiles – one for my writing; one for each of the photo businesses, and one personal. Yesterday I deactivated three of them, leaving only the personal account open.

I did so for a variety of reasons, perhaps the prime one being these arbitrary changes Facebook keeps inflicting upon its users. In most cases, there is no opt-out option for these. For each profile I provided such information as I felt comfortable disclosing. Every so often I would get a notification from Facebook that my profile was only 30% complete and ask me to answer such questions as where I live; what high school I went to and where I attended university. I didn’t want to provide that information and was able to just close those sections still blank. Until last week. That was when I discovered that unless I answered the damn questions I couldn’t close the section. Sorry Facebook, I’ve given you all the information I feel necessary.

Another thing Facebook does is change settings. In the newsfeed, there is a choice of “top stories” or “latest news”, with the default being “top stories”. Now I would rather see the latest news from my friends rather than whatever inanity FB feels I would consider a top story and set the filter accordingly. And at least twice a week I find it changed back. Facebook has no idea of my interests (because I didn’t fill out that part of the information) so how can they honestly determine what I consider a top story?

If Facebook continues to force these changes upon their users, they are going to find themselves going the way of MySpace, which tried the same tactics and found people left in droves.

Another reason I’ve closed these profiles is that I’m tired of all the drama some people post. With some, it seems that every little thought they have makes it to their status. I don’t give a rat’s ass. You are not the only person in the world with problems in your lives, so please, please stop posting this nonsense. Keep your problems to yourself or discuss them with close friends in personal messages, not in an open forum.

Others insist upon posting a detailed itinerary of their day (going shopping as I need a loaf of bread). Who cares?? Or they will post recipes containing ingredients I either don’t like, can’t afford to buy, or both. I live alone so why would I care about a recipe that serves 6? One day I deleted 14 recipes from one person. No status report, nothing of interest, just 14 recipes.

As I wrote above, I still have my personal profile, but I can’t guarantee how long that will be open for I know Facebook will introduce some other stupidity that will finally force me out.

Does anyone know of any other social networks? I’ve tried Google+ but find it all but undecipherable.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


You never got beyond the picture

This morning I received a notification in my email that there was a message for me on MySpace.  You do remember MySpace don’t you?  The social network until they tried to fix what wasn’t broken and drove all the artists and writers to other sites; and before Justin Timberlake tried to turn it into a music site?  Yeah, that MySpace.  Actually the only reason I still have an account is that, despite having tried on at least three occasions, MySpace won’t let me delete it.  I tend to ignore it unless it is to delete friend requests and messages.

This was the message I was told of this morning:

Morris says

Hello ,
    How are you doing ? Hope all good ..
I am so sorry if i have intrude to your privacy ..
I am actually new on the  site ..
Just browsing through i saw your profile  ..I viewed and read through your profile already  ..
 I will love to know more about you , hope you don’t mind ..huh !!
Telling you little about me –
I am a father of a 5yrs old boy ( Luis ) … i consider myself caring , loving , honest , loyal , calm
and flexible in heart , with good heart and sense of humor ..this is just little about me ..okay ..
  I wait to read back from you ..alright ..and hope for a chat with you ..
You can live me your mail address or just write to mine..okay ..ms.erickson@yahoo.com
Take care now and have a great day …

Doesn’t sound too bad until you read the following, which is in a section on my profile titled “about me”. Then you understand why I chose that particular title for this posting.

If you wish to contact me personally, I will only do so through the MySpace messaging facility. Please DO NOT ask for my personal e-mail address, IM address or telephone number, or give me yours, because I will delete your message. If I consider your message offensive, or especially dumb, I will write a blog about it and help you make yourself look foolish – and yes, I’ll include your MySpace profile name. If you present me with what is obviously a scam, not only will I post a blog about it, I will report it to MySpace and the appropriate authorities.

I added the bold to this excerpt.  Seems pretty straightforward doesn’t it?  Very easy to understand?  I thought so.  So why on earth would this man give me his email address?  The answer must be that he never got beyond the name and “interesting” profile photo.  One more thing.  Had he truly read my profile, he’d have noticed a little section headed “Details” wherein I mention that I’m a lesbian.

So Morris, everything I’ll willing to share is on my profile and oh yes, here’s the blog I said I’d write.  And just to make sure he reads it, I’ll respond to his message with a link to this.

To my followers and readers, enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love (and honesty) too.