It isn’t enough

Found the following message in my personal email this morning:

Personal Assistant position available in your area and earn $500 weekly as a Personal Assistant,kindly email for more details.
Robert Garman

Rather mysterious isn’t it?  Well, according to what I can find out “Robert Garman” is with something called “recipesandbeautytips” . com.   Let’s take a look at this message.

First of all, there is no indication of whom this was sent to – not my name, not “undisclosed recipients”, just nothing at all.  That’s a good indicator it’s a phishing expedition.  “In your area”.  That is a real red flag in my case.  My personal email is with Shaw.  Now, that wouldn’t be unusual if I lived in western Canada, but I live in Ontario, where the only presence Shaw has east of Manitoba is television and cable stations.  So, how can “Robert” be sure there is a position available in my area?  Looking at that $500 a week, that isn’t really a hell of a lot more than I’m currently getting on my pension, so sorry Robert, it isn’t enough.

“Kindly email for more details.”  Okay, and what sort of information are you going to be asked to give up before you get more details on this job “in your area”?  Whatever it is, I wager it won’t be worth it.

I realize the unemployment rate is high right now, but if you get an email out  of the blue  offering you a job “in your area” chances are very good it’s a fake.  I’d suggest you do what I did and delete it.

Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.