Bring him to justice – where are the words?

I’m upset with the media. For over six years I’ve been writing of the case against George Flowers, aka Mister Flowas. To recap, Flowers was wanted by the Toronto Police Service on several counts of aggravated sexual assault. He fled to Jamaica and was eventually extradited to Canada to face justice.

Other than a brief flurry of coverage when the initial Public Safety Alert was issued by the police and an interview with one of his victims, there has been nothing in the local media. The Jamaican media did publish a couple of articles related to his various and seemingly never-ending attempts to avoid being returned to Toronto. But from the Toronto media – silence. He was returned to Canada, as I wrote above and entered a plea of guilty when the case came to trial. Silence from the media for both his return and the guilty plea. His sentencing hearing has not yet taken place for various legal reasons, but I expect the same response from our media.

The tagline on this site is”a lone voice calling in the wilderness”. When I wrote those words I never envisioned the time would come when I would indeed become the sole voice talking about something this major. For over 20 years, George Flowers neglected to tell his sexual partners he was HIV positive, hence the charges of aggravated sexual assault. Since August of 2012 I have been urging his victims to come forward, but I’m only one small website. More and better coverage by the mainstream media would have reached far more people.

I’ve had messages of thanks, support and links to other news sites for these blogs from my readers, which have helped me carry on. I thank those people who took the time to write. To those who provided me with links to the Jamaican coverage, and the Court’s final ruling, I also offer my thanks. As for the Toronto media, as I said, I’m pissed.

Bring him to justice – progress report

Many, many thanks to two readers, cm and Concerned Follower, for providing me with the link to the following article which appeared in The Jamaican Observer of Monday, October 13, 2014:

Jamaican wanted in Canada on sex charges fights extradition

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A Jamaican man, who was ordered extradited last month to Canada where he’s wanted for trial on sex crimes, has taken his fight to remain in the island to the Supreme Court.

The man, George Flowers, is to appear in the Supreme Court today where he’s challenging the ruling in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court that he be extradited.

The order was made by Magistrate Simone Wolfe-Reece, who told Flowers that he could appeal the decision to another court within 15 days.

Should Flowers lose his battle against extradition in the Supreme Court, he has the option of taking that fight to the Court of Appeal.

Flowers, who goes by the name Mr Flowas, is wanted in Canada on several counts of  aggravated sexual assault.

He was arrested in Jamaica on June 4.

That arrest date is actually June 4, 2013.

In this case, “aggravated sexual assault” means he was HIV positive and never told any of his partners.

I’d like to say “this is it”, but I know it probably won’t be.  Should the Supreme Court uphold Madame Wolfe-Reece’s decision, as the article states, Flowers could go to the Court of Appeal.  And, in the event the Supreme Court sets aside the lower court’s ruling, I’m quite certain the Crown will appeal.  Either way, unfortunately it ain’t over yet folks.

I started the “Bring him to justice” series on August 14, 2012, a day after the Toronto Police Service issued their first Public Safety Alert on George Flowers.  I’m saddened to say that other than a brief flurry when the PSA was issued and a brief interview conducted by Global Television Toronto with one of his victims, there has been no Canadian (or even Toronto) coverage of this.  The only media coverage I’ve seen has been the above article and one other short piece in Jamaican papers.

I know it’s been a long time between postings on this matter, but I refuse to print rumour and this is the first confirmed information I’ve had since I wrote of his capture.  As more confirmed  information becomes available, I will issue updates.

Following is a copy of an email I received from the detective in charge of this case, which I feel bears repeating:

Hello Cat,

I am the officer investigating the aggravated sexual assault allegations against George Flowers.

I have stumbled upon your blog and have read what has been going on.

I appreciate you making more people aware of this investigation as we deem this situation as a major public safety risk.

My goal is to find and speak with anyone who has had sexual contact with Mr. Flowers.  They need to know that there is an active investigation and given the option of whether they would proceed with police involvement.  His non-disclosure actions are criminal whether or not a sexual encounter resulted in HIV infection. A lot of people are under the impression that if they DIDN’T contract HIV, that they have no criminal claim and that is false. The charge is for the “threat” of contracting the virus at the time of sexual contact if they were NOT advised of someone’s HIV status PRIOR to any sexual encounter.

The reason I am telling you this is because you indicated in your blog that you have spoken to other people who have been previous sexual partners of Mr. Flowers.

If you have any further information in regards to his whereabouts or anything else, I would appreciate it.  You can remain anonymous.  If you can also advise the other people who have been previous partners of Mr. Flowers of what I wrote, it would be appreciated.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call me.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Nancy Johnston
Detective Constable #8734
Family Violence Unit
Toronto Police Service
Phone: (416)-808-5505

Note especially the bold section.

If Detective Johnston isn’t available, please speak with one of the other detectives in the unit .


Bring him to justice – recap

Last August I began a series of posts under the general title “Bring him to justice” following the release of a Public Safety Alert by the Toronto Police Service.  The subject of this PSA was one George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  This man was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996 but neglected to tell his sexual partners, some of whom are now themselves HIV positive.  My interest in this case arises from the fact I know people he dated.

As new verifiable information became available, or as I felt it necessary to respond to comments on postings, I would add another posting to the series. According to the last verifiable report, actually an updated PSA, he was facing twelve charges.  I haven’t added anything over the past couple of months for the simple reason I won’t print rumours.  Oh, I’ve heard stories that he’s been spotted here or there; that he’s being hidden somewhere, or that he’s turned himself in.  But without any confirmation, I won’t print these canards and nobody can confirm the information.  So it doesn’t get printed.  One further reason for that decision, especially the rumour he’s turned himself in, is that it would give false hope to his victims, and their lives are hard enough without me adding to their difficulties.

If you have any information on the present whereabouts of George Flowers, or you wish to add yourself to the list of victims, I urge you to contact Detective Nancy Johnston at the Toronto Police Service, 55 Division, telephone number 416-808-5505.  You can also contact CrimeStoppers anonymously with your information.  According to information from Det Johnston, you don’t have to have been diagnosed positive to file a complaint, just that fact you were with him is enough.

Considering the lack of interest from the mainstream media on this, I feel confident that if something does happen on the search for George Flowers, you’ll read it here first.


Honestly, I don’t care

This is in response to “John”, who left a comment on my posting “Bring him to justice – more media questions”.  There were certain things in that comment that made me doubt the authenticity of it, so I consigned it to “trash” rather than approve it.  At one point, he asks me if I’m one of the victims.

That question tells me two things about “John”.  First that he didn’t bother reading the entire posting.  And second, he’s an idiot.  A positive HIV diagnosis truly is a life-changing event.  It has taken years for some of these people to rebuild their lives after receiving this devastating news.  If you followed the link I included in “Bring him to justice – a victim speaks”, you’ll note they used a pseudonym and the lady’s face and voice were altered.  Many, if not all, people affected do not tell anyone except loved ones of their condition.  Since that is my real name on this profile, why on earth would “John” even ask if I’m one of the victims.  If I were, and I used my real name, I would no doubt find myself ostracized very quickly.

“John” also mentions there is family and children involved and they don’t need to see this all over the internet and television.  First off “John”, I have a relatively small readership.  If you really wanted to have an affect on the publicity surrounding this, why didn’t you go after Global – they’re the ones who had the interview and most of the coverage.  But I suppose you think a little blogger would be an easier target to bully.  Guess what dude?  I don’t bully, nor will I be bullied.

Now, at no time in any of the “Bring him to justice” series do I mention George Flowers’s marital status or whether there are children involved.  Oh, I know there are children and I also know his wife’s name, but this series is about getting George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas” off the streets, not his family.  As for his children (and I know this will sound heartless) honestly, I don’t care.  Before you start calling me the biggest bitch of all time for saying that, let me continue.  As I wrote (“John”, take note of this) I know several people who dated George Flowers, some of whom have since tested positive.  At the moment, to my knowledge, these people are HIV positive.  Should that develop into AIDS, what is called “serial conversion”, I will have the choice of watching my friends die of this horrible disease or abandoning my friends right at the time they will need friends most.

George Flowers has been charged with 11 counts of aggravated sexual assault.  Here’s the link to the Public Safety Alert issued October 3, 2012:  Read it for yourself. Should any of his victims develop AIDS, I sincerely hope the Toronto Police Service upgrades those charges to first degree murder, for he will have killed them.  His children  having to live with the stigma of their father being a murderer seems a far lesser evil than me watching my friends die because of George Flowers.  I want him off the streets before he infects and kills more women.

“John” also asked why it took Public Health 15 years to act.  Good question “John” and I’m sure the lawyers will be certain to ask that when the lawsuits get to court.  Yes, I understand some of the victims are suing Public Health.  Don’t know exactly what the reasons will be, but to my mind, dereliction of duty or some similar charge will be paramount among the list in the suit.  (Oct 5 1:15pm – to clarify, I’m sure that if there aren’t lawsuits filed, there will be an inquiry into what went wrong at Public Health. C.)

“John”, if you felt you could elicit an apology from me by invoking George Flowers’s family, you’re out of luck.  If you thought you could get a retraction of some sort from me with your comment well, that ain’t gonna happen.  The messages of support and thanks I’ve received from his victims and friends of his victims far outweigh comments and messages like yours.  Look at it this way “John” (and I hope this doesn’t sound as if I’m trying to elevate myself) I’m speaking for the victims, for those who want this out there but for various reasons, such as personal privacy and safety, don’t want to do it themselves.  I’m acting as their voice.  “John”, if you want to dispute my postings, set up your own blogsite and go to it.


Bring him to justice – more media questions

On the 13th of August, the Toronto Police Service issued a Public Safety Alert for one George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  This man, according to that Alert, has been HIV positive since 1996, but never told his sexual partners.

You would think something like this might rate some attention from the media.  Except for one mention on CP24 which is a local all news television station, and one two inch single column item in a local paper, there was nothing.  Radio stations do have this on their news websites, some local, two on the Prairies that I saw, and CKNW, which is in New Wesminster B C.  As I have written before, I know people who dated this man, some of whom have since tested positive, so I’ve written several blogs on this man and the search for him.  When I started, I had thought my words would supplement the coverage in the mainstream media.  However, I had several people tell me I have been the only source of information on this matter.

Today, the Toronto Police Service issued a new Public Safety Alert, this time advising they had a Canada-wide warrant for his arrest on 11 charges of aggravated sexual assault. As I wrote earlier today in “Bring him to justice – a victim speaks”, Global Television Toronto spoke with one of his victims.  Here’s the link the item and interview:  Listen to this lady’s words as she describes how her life has been turned upside down by her positive diagnosis and the callous attitude George Flowers displayed when she told him.

I’ve checked the news sites again tonight.  In addition to the news radio sites, I find mention of this in the online editions of both The Toronto Sun and The Toronto Star, for print media and as well as the Global coverage, CITY TV, a local station and CP24 for television.

My question for the media, who now seem to be all gung-ho about covering this story, is this: Why weren’t you doing this back on August 13 when the first Alert was issued?  Why did it take the issuance of a Canada-wide warrant to get your attention?  The tag line on my site is “one lone voice calling in the wilderness”, and in the case of the search for George Flowers, for the past seven weeks, that’s what I’ve been.  I hope that after today, rather than a lone voice, I’m merely part of a chorus.

If you know George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, please contact your local police service or CrimeStoppers.  Help get him off the streets.


Bring him to justice – a victim speaks

Earlier today I posted “Bring him to justice – nationwide” about the fact the Toronto Police Service has issued a Canada wide warrant for George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”.  This man is now wanted on 11 charges of aggravated sexual assault.

The new Public Safety Alert was issued at 10:55 this morning according to the police website.  I first heard a news report of this PSA on the noon news and had posted “Bring him to justice – nationwide” by 12:30.  Sometime between the release of the PSA and about 1:10 PM, someone called the Toronto affiliate of the Global Television Network to tell them of this.  Consequently, Global contacted the detective and arranged an interview with one of his victims.

Until now, the bulk of the publicity of the search for George Flowers has come through these postings.  I hope my words have been effective in convincing those he dated to contact the police.  I hope they have, but they are only words.  Now, there is an interview with someone.  Here is the link to the news item and interview:

I urge you to listen to this interview, listen to how this lady’s life has been affected and hear  how callous George Flowers was when she told him she was positive.

If you know George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, do the right thing and contact your local police force or CrimeStoppers.


Bring him to justice – nationwide

Earlier today, the Toronto Police Service obtained a Canada-wide warrant for George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas” on 11 charges of aggravated sexual assault.   Here is the link to this new Public Safety Alert:
At the time the original release was issued on August 13, it was believed by some who knew him that he was either being hidden somewhere in Toronto, or had fled to Jamaica.  I would suggest that by issuing the Canada-wide alert, Toronto Police believe he is somewhere in Canada, rather than off-shore.

Mr Flowers, according to the original Alert, and repeated in this new one, has been HIV positive since 1996, but neglected to mention this to any of his partners, some of whom have now tested positive.  If you know this man George Flowers, who performs under the name “Mr Flowas”, if you know where he is, do a lot of women a favour and report his whereabouts to your local police department or CrimeStoppers.  We need to get him off the streets before he infects any more people.


Bring him to justice – my perspective

As you know, since mid-August I have written a series of postings under the general title “Bring him to justice” on my previous site “catsworld1″ and reposted here.  These postings deal with the Toronto Police Service search for a man named George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas” wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  Here’s the link to the Public Safety Alert issued by the police:   The reason this was issued, and why police want him is that, according to the Alert, he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996, but neglected to tell any of his partners.  I know people he dated, some of whom have since tested positive.

With the exception of Toronto news television station CP24, which ran an item once, and one of the newspapers, which devoted two column inches to the Alert when it was issued,  there has been no media coverage of this.  I have learned through people that I seem to be the only source of information on this man and the search for him.  As you can imagine, the fact the police are finally looking for him has awakened memories in his victims and subjected them to much unwanted and unnecessary stress.  I have all postings in the “Bring him to justice” series checked and approved by some of the people I know, just so you don’t think I’m callously adding to their stress.

When I began this series, I felt it would be a supplement to whatever coverage the commercial media gave this search.  I didn’t realize it would be the only coverage.  I’ve already taken a swipe at the media in “Bring him to justice – media questions” over that, so I won’t revisit it now.  I’m sure there are people out there who would wish I’d stop writing about this, for amazingly he still does have some supporters.  But, I’m doing this for my friends.  The lack of media coverage has some of them questioning whether anything is being done at all and if this series can at least show them the name of George Flowers is being kept before the public, then I’m doing some good.

I’ll admit I have no idea what those people who are positive have gone through in rebuilding their lives since the diagnosis, but I do have some idea of the stress they are now suffering, for writing this series has been hard on me.  Listening to my friends, and reading some of the comments – most not posted because I felt doing so may identify someone – and private messages I’ve received has on occasion been both heart-wrenching and encouraging and yes, I’ve shed tears over some of the comments.  People telling me what they’ve been through since knowing George Flowers, and also telling me to keep it up because my posts keep them going.  To those people, I offer my humble thanks and assure you I won’t stop until he’s in jail.

I do this for these people and for my friends, because what kind of person would I be if I wasn’t willing to stand up for my friends?



Early yesterday morning I attempted to post another one of the scam warnings I put up frequently on my previous site, catsworld1.  WordPress has a strict “no advertising” policy and it seems all blogs are scanned automatically for certain key words.  Apparently my posting contained some of those key words for my account has been suspended.  It never gave me an opportunity to delete the offending blog, it just blocked access to my account.  I even had the posting tagged as “scams” but apparently the scanner doesn’t look at the tags.

If you’ve been following my postings, you are aware of my “Bring him to justice” series, dealing with the Toronto Police search for one George Flowers, wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  According to what I’ve been told, my postings have been the only source of information on this matter – the Toronto media have done very little (one mention on an all news TV station and about a 2 inch single column item in a local paper when the Public Service Alert was first issued) – and the detective in charge of the case sent me an email telling me she appreciated my efforts to keep his name before the public.

I have appealed their scanner’s decision, going so far as to send them a copy of the police email. I explained, as I did in the previous paragraph, that I seem to be the only source of information the public can access.  Apparently it did some good, for yesterday afternoon I received a reply telling me what the problem had been and that my account had been reinstated.  That’s nice, except that I still can’t access catsworld1.  I’ve followed their suggestions and still can’t get to my site.  So, the alternative was to do nothing, which isn’t in my nature, or do what I did do and that is open a new site “anewcatsworld”.  I know, the name shows very little imagination, but by the time I did set it up I had no patience left.

As I wrote above, the “bring him to justice” series is very important for a couple of reasons.  As the detective wrote in her email to me (“Bring him to justice – update of September 5) I appreciate you making more people aware of this investigation as we deem this situation as a major public safety risk. The commercial media have done extremely little.   Another reason is that I know people who this man dated, some of whom have since tested positive, which is why I’m publicizing the police search for him.  And that is why, after a short piece welcoming you to my new home, I’ve reposted the “Bring him to justice” series.  Sorry if you’ve read them before.  I will also be reposting “Turn where??” which was Freshly Pressed last month.

As I am able to confirm more information I will be adding to this series.

Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


Bring him to justice – media questions

DATE: Sept 17

I’m upset.  No, upset doesn’t cover it – I’m pissed.  With the Toronto media.

This past weekend a service station attendant was killed.  Someone pumped over $100 worth of gas into his vehicle, then attempted to flee without paying.  The attendant was struck by this vehicle and dragged some distance.  He later died in hospital.  The police know who they’re looking for and have issued a Public Safety Alert for this man on a charge of second degree murder.  And the media are reporting this search and publicizing the man’s name and picture.

Yes, this was a tragedy and this man deserves to be off the streets.  According to news reports, this wasn’t the first time he’d pulled a “gas and dash”.  His name was also mentioned in reference to some prowling incidents in the west end of Toronto.  Granted this was a very public event and a provincial politician, who frequently used that station, has  said he’ll try to change the law so drivers have to pay before they fill up and there is of course public outrage over the callous behaviour of that driver.

But is this really any different than the search for George Flowers?  George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, according to the Public Safety Alert – and here’s the link: has been HIV positive since 1996 and never bothered telling his partners.  How many women has he sentenced to death with his silence?   The police alert was issued August 13.  To my knowledge, a local television news station, CP24, mentioned it once.  The Toronto news radio stations have the bulletin on their websites, as do some stations in western Canada – Winnipeg Manitoba, Edmonton Alberta and New Westminster BC come to mind – but it has not received the general coverage this hit and run has seen.  Why not?

Is it, as I wrote above, that the hit and run was such a public incident, or that a politician is involved in finding a solution to prevent the problem in the future?  Or is it that the search for a serial killer who used sex as a weapon, for that is what George Flowers is, or will be, less “glamourous” than a hit and run?  Let’s face it.  With this “gas and dash” fatality, the news crews can get footage of the station and the area and speak with people from the neighbourhood.    Other than a news anchor reporting on the search for Flowers, news footage is scarce.  His victims won’t want to appear on camera.  They have spent years in some cases trying to rebuild their lives after getting a diagnosis of HIV positive and being on television would destroy those lives and violate their privacy.  But surely the print media and radio could be doing a better job of publicizing the search for George Flowers.  I’ve been told I’m the only person who has written anything about this matter.  While I have a good number of regular readers as well as many others according to the site statistics, I don’t have the coverage commercial media has. George Flowers is as much a hazard as is Max Edwin Tutiven, the apparent driver of the SUV.  So why isn’t the media doing more?