Bimbos eat free

The title is how I read a sign while driving one evening.  That I was concentrating on my driving should be apparent for obviously that isn’t what the sign actually said.  This was one of those portable signs businesses often put at the curb in front of their establishments, in this case an Italian restaurant.  This was a relatively new restaurant and they were using the sign to advertise the fact that children ate free on Tuesday nights, but being an Italian  eatery, they got cute and used the word “bambinos”.  But as I said above, I was paying attention to the road, and my mind interpreted “bambinos” incorrectly.  Too bad, my interpretation of the sign might have made for some interesting Tuesday nights.

One day I was driving east of Toronto along “old” Highway 2 (Highway 401 is now the main Toronto – Montreal route) mainly because it was more relaxing and scenic.  As we approached a sign for the town we were entering, my passenger, who’s attention was only partially on what was happening through the windscreen, read the name of the town as “Post Hole”, rather than the correct “Port Hope”.  Now Port Hope is a beautiful historic town on the banks of the Ganaraska River and in no way resembles a post hole.  Again, the misnomer was the result of not paying attention.

And finally, there is a GM model called the “Terrain”.  I don’t know if it’s the way the name plaque was made, or its colour, but my mind constantly insists upon deciphering that name as “Terrapin”.  Is it that there is very little separation between the letters that causes me to add that “p” to the name, or is it just my preference for the products of another manufacturer that turns the name into an insult?

There are many cases of people misreading signs.  I’m sure you have your own instances of that happening.  Care to share in the comments?

Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


And yes, I proofread this twice to make sure I hadn’t let a spelling error through.