“If I only had a brain”

Two items from the Toronto Star website today have me wondering if the people mentioned in the two items have ever said those words to themselves.

First, a lady in Vaughan, north of Toronto, wants the city of Vaughan to cut down some oak trees near the school at least one of her children attends.  The child has nut allergies and the oak trees, as oak trees will in the fall, are – horrors! – dropping acorns onto the school grounds.  Her concern is that children, not just her child, will pick these up and eat them resulting in anaphylactic shock should these children have nut allergies.  Think about this for a moment.  Rather than teach her child not to pick things up from the ground and stick them in their mouth, she wants the trees removed.  In short, she wants the nanny society to “do something” instead of taking responsibility for her child’s safety. If city council is actually stupid enough to give her request any credence at all, think of the ramifications.  Does Vaughan then cut down all trees and pave over all grassy areas and gardens – after all, some people have allergies to pollen.  Do they ban all vehicles except electric ones because the pollution from internal combustion engines also affects people?  The logical solution would be, as one commenter noted “make your children aware of their allergies, not afraid of them”. If she only had a brain she could have figured that out herself.

Football coach and sometime Toronto mayor Rob Ford is back in court again today.  This time he’s defending himself in a $6,000,000 defamation suit resulting from comments made during the civic election in 2010.  These comments centred on the fact that a restaurant on the beach in east Toronto was given a twenty year lease, without calling for tenders from other interested parties. Robbie, during two separate interviews, made allegations that there was corruption involved, in fact during a radio interview he used that exact word.  Now, the residents of the area were upset that the lease was for twenty years because at the time, the place was a bit of dump, but while they were upset with the length of the term, nobody accused city hall of engaging in shady dealings.  Except Robbie.  So naturally, the owner sued over the comments.

City Councillor Doug Ford who seems to be paranoid and is Robbie’s brother, in an interview sometime in the past 24 hours, claims it’s “100% political” and further that every court case involving his brother is politically motivated.  No Doug, not so.  Some of these cases are the result of your brother being a total asshole.  And perhaps both you and Coach Robbie should repeat together “if I only had a brain”.

City Hall might run a lot smoother if three things were to happen: Coach Robbie became a full-time mayor and began to think before doing or saying anything and if you learned to shut up and stay out of your brother’s business. You’re being perceived more and more as your brother’s apologist rather than a City of Toronto councillor.

To my followers and readers, enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.