The timing is suspicious

As I wrote on May 1 in “It’s about time”, Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been in rehab. Today he announced he will return to work on June 30.

I find the timing of this somewhat suspicious. Keep in mind that our Robbie has never attended any event involving the LGBT community, except on one occasion he raised the rainbow flag for IDAHOT, during his term as chief magistrate. World Pride is being held in Toronto this year and coincidentally, it ends June 29. While he claims not to be homophobic, some of his recorded comments and his failure to attend any event related to Pride seem to indicate otherwise. His usual excuse for not being at Pride is that it is a family tradition that they go to the cottage the weekend of the pride parade. At least this year, he can use his time in rehab as the reason.

Toronto holds an annual Caribbean festival in early July. Robbie has never missed this festival and since he is returning on the last day of June, he will once again be able to attend (and probably make a fool of himself as usual).

Every mayor since Mel Lastman, who admitted he wasn’t sure about the parade but later said he’d had “a blast”, has taken part in the parade, riding on a float and spraying the crowds with a supersoaker. Actually, since the parade is usually on one of the hottest days of the summer, that could be considered s public service. But not Robbie. For him, jumping up along a parade route holds more appeal than riding the parade route on a float surrounded by “queers”.

Ah well, civic elections are coming up in October and if Toronto is really smart, they will kick the buffoon to the curb.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


He’s at it again apparently

I don’t think Toronto has seen such turbulence in the mayor’s office in its history as the reign of Rob Ford is proving to be.  Mel Lastman had a habit of putting his foot in his mouth on many occasions, but for the most part he managed to keep his misdeeds out of the press.  Of course it was Mel who  called in the army to help deal with that major snow storm  a few years ago.  But I think our Robbie has him beat.

In the past week, I’ve noticed three different reports in the media about his antics, none of which reflect well on the chief magistrate of Toronto.  First, Robbie is apparently still sending out letters to lobbyists and others soliciting funds for his football programmes.  The difference this time is he isn’t using City Hall stationery.  But still, even though these requests are now under the foundation’s letterhead, if you’re someone who has dealings with city hall, or hopes to have dealings with city hall, are you going to risk that by turning down a request that comes over the signature of the mayor?

Sticking with the football, Don Bosco High School has said that Robbie may not be welcome back as coach after an interview he gave.  He apparently made some very derogatory comments about Don Bosco, painting the school as one in which if it weren’t for the football, many of the students would be in jail.  This has been disputed not only by the principal and school board, but by many of the students as well.  It seems that although Robbie never read the conflict of interest guidelines, he did read the page in Mel’s manual about putting your foot in your mouth.

And today, in an article carried by two different news sites, comes an accusation from one of the other mayoral candidates during the election that at one point Robbie not only put his hand on her butt, he also made improper suggestions to her.  His office has obviously issued a statement denying this, but… .  The only real question I have on this is why did she wait until two years into his term before bringing this forward.  I could see her not using it during the campaign, but c’mon now – two years?

Okay, I’ve taken another swipe at Robbie and I feel much better.

Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too (just be careful where you put your hands).


Mar 8, 2013 update:  According to a news report, this incident with Robbie’s roaming hands happened last night.   C.