Never been there either

This relates to my post “Never been there” of February 3.  Not only have I apparently filed a legal complaint of some kind in Louisiana, it seems I’ve also done so in New Mexico, or so some “court secretary” based in Belgium tells me.   Litiginous sort aren’t I?  Here’s the actual message:

Regarding your complaint

New Mexico Court of Appeals
22:32 (14 hours ago)

Letter of acknowledgement

Hereby you are advised that we have received your complaint with enclosures dated 01/29/14.
Shortly after we receive your complaint confirmation we will initiate a trial. You are not actually
required to attend the court proceeding, the results will be sent to you in a letter without delay.

Please confirm your complaint here otherwise the claim is cancelled.

Court secretary
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Notice this message doesn’t specify a location at all other than “New Mexico”.  According to what I see in my atlas (atlas – precursor of Google Maps), New Mexico is quite large.  In this message, I don’t know if gmail disabled it, or the sender forgot, but the hyperlink that should be attached to “here” is missing.   Sloppy on their part. How can they get my information if they leave out the trap?

Once again dear readers, if you get this email, or one purporting to be from the legal system in any place, ask yourself “have I ever been there and, if I have, was I ever involved in anything that could end up before the courts?”  If the answer is”no”, especially to the last part of the question, delete it.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


Never been there

I found the following in my spam little while ago:

Letter of acknowledgement

Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal
08:59 (5 hours ago)
Pretrial notice

Hereby we confirm that your complaint has been received together with enclosures dated January 30, 2014.

The complaint will be reviewed in court in the nearest possible time based on the documents and information you have previously provided. You do not have to be present at trial in person if the Court does not suggest otherwise.

Please use this link to check your complaint once again and confirm it. If we do not get your confirmation the claim will be cancelled.

You will be further notified without delay of any judgement delivered in regard to your complaint.

Court secretary

First, yes I’ve had many other emails over the past few months from various people such as Costco, Best Buy and Walmart telling me my delivery failed because the address was wrong.  Obviously phishing because I either (a) don’t shop there, i.e. Costco, or (b) don’t buy articles that would require delivery services, from the other two, so I didn’t bother writing about them.  But this one goes beyond the garden variety email.

Most people, when they see anything even remotely concerning the courts and law, panic and feel they’ve got to deal with it right away.  They won’t bother with the details, such as they fact they may have never been to the place from which the email purports to have been sent.  In this case, they would have missed the “.nl” in the email address.  And they most definitely not ask themselves why something claiming to be the Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal would be sending emails from The Netherlands.  I am equally certain they wouldn’t ask themselves “what court case?” or “what complaint?” and would just blindly follow the link to see what this is all about.

Doing so would be their downfall.  They will either be asked to confirm details of personal information, which could be used by others to create a new identity, or it would open the door of their computer to all kinds of nasties.

Wouldn’t you expect correspondence from a court to contain a location in the event you did wish to be present?  Circuit courts by definition are travelling courts, yet this message  doesn’t mention a town or even a parish where it will be sitting.

Once again dear readers and followers, if you get something like this, ask yourself first, “have I ever been there?”(in my case, no) and then, “what court case could I  be involved with as complainant?”.  If you can’t answer those questions to your own satisfaction, delete the message, which is what I’ll do after I write about it.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


Feb 4:  I just found an email in spam from the Third Circuit Court of Appeal.  This one came from  Agan, not exactly a government website.

Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal
Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal
Louisiana Third Circuit Court of Appeal