not their jurisdiction

I’m still in the process of proofreading my friend’s manuscript, so haven’t checked my email and spam much the past two days.  Found this from yesterday sometime:

10 Dec (6 days ago)
to undisclosed recipients

Attn please,

This message is coming to you from FBI office here, We are writing this mail to inform you that your (Inheritance winning awarded funds of $1.5million) has been totally converted into a ATM Master card and it’s to be delivered to your address via courier service, Be inform that the courier delivery company will deliver the card with all the manual and instruction both with PIN code to access the Card upon receipt. It’s the best option to receive this amount since every attempt failed, therefore you will need to contact the Barrister that helped in re-claiming the check back and converted it into an ATM visa card with his address below:

Barrister Necter Polimars
Phone: +229 98651731

Send him your current address where the check should be delivered to and remember to indicate the Reg:code of ATM-0034 to him when making contact with him. Please also choose the courier service you would like to deliver the Card Post office is also working but could take the card much time to get to you.

Please endeavor to inform us once you have received the ATM Card.

Sincere regards
Robert S. Mueller

FBI Monitoring Team Service

Once again, sign number 1 is “undisclosed recipients”.  If it was intended for me, why not just send it to me?   Where do I go next?

Well, the email address of the sender “deneme” is the same address used in the earlier phishing expedition for gmail information – see my posting “This is a fake”.

The telephone number for the “barrister” has a Benin country code, which also seems a little suspicious.  And (and perhaps one of my English readers could advise me) I thought barristers did courtroom work and this should have been from a solicitor.

Now, I know I wrote about an ATM scam a little while ago, although I’m too lazy to look it up, but that originated from some other African nation.  Since the origin and the “barrister” are located somewhere in Africa, Benin apparently, and I’m in Canada, the FBI wouldn’t have any involvement in this anyway unless they were investigating it.  Also note the message merely states “FBI office here”, without specifying where “here” is.  Hell, we have FBI agents at the US Consulate in Toronto (special assignment dealing with gun smuggling).

If you receive this email just delete it.  If the FBI really wants you, they’ll come and get you – same as the RCMP would in Canada – so don’t worry.  It’s just someone trying to steal your identity.


This is a fake

I was away early yesterday morning and didn’t check my mail before I left.  When I got home, I was too tired to care, so it wasn’t until about 20 minutes ago I got around to checking the mail and spam.  I found the following in my gmail spam:

service@gmail <>
9 Dec (2 days ago)
to undisclosed recipients

Gmail Today

Dear Gmail Member,

For continuity, you are required to validate your account immediately.
* Username: ……………………………….
* Password: ………………………………..
* Date of Birth: ……………………………
* Country Or Territory: …………………

Warning: Account owner that refuses to update his/her account after two days of receiving this warning stands the risk of loosing his or her account permanently.


© 2012  Gmail Inc. All Rights Reserved | My Account
Now that this is a fake is obvious for several reasons, the most obvious being that it has been more than 48 hours since this was sent and I still have access to the account.  Other telltales are that once again it was sent to “undisclosed recipients”.  Sure sign it’s a scam or phishing.  I also find it interesting that although I have separate accounts for my various businesses, only my personal account received this message.

Do the people who send these things out really believe we’re as dumb as they hope we are?  If so, I’m terribly insulted.  Look at this logically.  If this were, as it purports, truly from gmail, why on earth would it be sent from the address “” rather than gmail itself?  Guess they didn’t think anyone would notice.   Notice too that they are asking for much more information than I had to provide when I opened the account.

So, although I’m technically beyond the two days they mention, I’m not the least bit worried about “loosing” my account.

Once again dear followers and readers, if you get this, you won’t lose access to your account and all you’ll do is give them enough information to hijack your account.  Delete the message (not this posting).

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


“Dear webmail subscriber”

The following email was in my gmail inbox this morning:

Dear WebMail Subscriber
Customer service
03:48 (8 hours ago)
to undisclosed recipients
Account Warning

This mail is from &nbsp;Administrator; we wish to bring to your notice the Condition of your email account.
We have just noticed that you have exceeded your email Database limit of 500 MB quota and your email IP is causing conflict because it is been accessed in different

server location. You need to Upgrade and expandyour webmail quota limit before you can continue to use your email.
Update your email quota limit to 2.6 GB, use the below web link:
Failure to do so could result in permanent deactivation of your user account from our database so we can create more spaces for new users and also reduce spam input.Confirmation webmail account
Full name:**********
Email address:******
Email Password:*********
Failure to do this will result to email deactivation within 24hours
Thank you for your understanding.
Copyright ©2012 Help Desk Technical Support Centre.

Again, the first tipoff this is not a legitimate message is the “undisclosed recipients”.

Let’s look at this a little closer.  First, as I said, this was in my gmail account so why on earth would any message related to it come from some firm in Argentina (.ar is Argentina) when Google is based in the US.  Second, I would expect any message from Google to be in decent English, not this mishmash.

Notice the information they ask for: full name; email address and email password.  First off, why would they need my email address when they contacted me?  Shouldn’t they have it already?  Giving them this information is doing nothing more than allowing them to hijack your email account..  DON’T DO IT!!  By the way, despite their comment “use the below web link”, there were no hot links in the message.

Think about it for a moment.  Chances are that we here in North America use an email provider that is based in North America, so the odds of them sending their users a message from a foreign country are pretty much non-existent.  So, please, if you see something like this and it doesn’t show the sender as Google,or Hotmail or whoever you use, just delete it.  Unless of course you’re like me and use this stuff as source material for blogs.  In that case, copy it, then delete the original.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.



Nov 27.  Today I received another email from this same address purporting to be from Western Union, tellinng me they were holding a quarter million from me.