Stop being so helpful

I don’t know how many of my readers are on Facebook, but I have a question for those who, like me, are part of the 900 million.

Do you find it as annoying as do I when Facebook suggests friends with whom you share no mutual friends or any common interests?  Do you also find it annoying when you decide to look at one of these people only to find they’ve got their profile set on private so you can’t even find out if you have any common interests?  I’d love to know what criteria Facebook uses when suggesting these people as friends.  Is it that we’re both in North America, or is the geographic area broader, like say,  planet earth?

My profile says I’m a photographer and writer.  Most of the friends I have follow similar pursuits and in some cases, are known to me personally.  This fact makes me wonder why Facebook is suggesting as a friend a thirty-something bodybuilder.  Where’s the common ground?  Granted it’s always nice to expand one’s horizons, but in this case, what possible mutual interest could we have to even start a discussion?

I recall reading somewhere that Facebook was proud of its various programmes that could and would match people who had something in common with a particular user and suggest them as friends.  If so, I think they need to refine that just a tad so it considers more than the fact we’re both human beings living on this planet.

Yes, there have been occasions when I’ve become friends with someone Facebook suggested, but only when I’ve been able to look at their profile and see their photography or read their writing, but that doesn’t happen very often.

To Facebook, I say – I plead – “stop being so helpful”.

To my readers, enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.