Glad I don’t live there

In my posting of earlier today, “They can’t be serious”, I talk about a Toronto District School Board study into launching a “queer-centric” school, a school where LGBT staff and students can feel safe.

Shortly after posting that, I came across the following article in today’s online Toronto Sun:

I am really glad that I one, don’t have children in the Toronto School system; and two, don’t live in Toronto.  What on earth are the people on the Toronto District School Board thinking?  Or are they?

What message are these educators trying to send to children?  The school years are times when children are very susceptible to ideas.  These posters could, in fact I’m almost tempted to say would, influence some children in ways their parents wouldn’t want them influenced.  I like the quote from an advertising manager the columnist spoke with “We have to get the educator’s heads out of the underpants and start looking toward the moon again, and beyond”.

Who are these people on the School Board?   Where are they getting their ideas from?  The messages contained in these postings belong in high school – but not until grade 11 – not in public schools.  Grade school children don’t need to be told cross-dressing is fine, or that it’s all right to be in a same sex relationship.

And before you think I’m just some prude hiding behind a keyboard, I’m transsexual.  Big  deal.  I also have red hair.  Again, big deal.  And my friends love me just as I am.