They’re using Benin now

I don’t check my email spam very often, which is why this is now six days out of date.  Not that it mattered, for I had no intention of doing anything about the following message. Well, other than write this posting that is.  Here’s the message:

Mohammed Khan
21 Sep (6 days ago)
to undisclosed recipients

Attention: Dear,

This is instructions by our new President Dr.Boni Yayi to delivery your unclaimed fund of $1.6Million US Dollars to you by ATM CARD and it will come through (DHL) if you are still talking with any one about your unclaimed fund you are advised to stop right now because your fund has being issued by ATM DEBIT CARD and its deposited with (DHL) Courier Company Ltd now.

You are advice to send only (DHL) delivery charges and that is all no more yellow tag paper no more custom clearance again once you paid only (DHL) delivery fee which is $98 we will send out your ATM parcel and email you the tracking number.

If you want to see a proof then type and then track this number (2282232573) (2282232175) (2282232186) (2282232422) and see that this one has being successful delivery to the receiver you are advise to send your delivery charges today through Money Gram or Western Union to this information below and once its received your ATM card will be sent out and the tracking number will be given to you for picking up your package.

Send delivery charges amount $98 to this name and address below and you are rest assured to receive your ATM CARD successfully like every other people.

Receivers name—– Edwin Nonso.
Country————–Benin Republic
Text Question ——Act
Text Answer ——-Urgent

Be inform that if you send your delivery charges today you will receive your tracking number in less than 45 minutes..

Best Regards.

Once again, the first telltale this is a scam is the “undisclosed recipients”.  If it were a serious message, it would have been sent to me personally, and not have used a shotgun approach.

Note that while they say I have an unclaimed fund of $1.6 million US, they make no mention of just how I managed to end up with such a large amount sitting in some African nation.  I suppose they assume I’ll be so overwhelmed by the amount (1.6 mil US is about 1.625 mil Canadian at the moment) that I won’t ask myself how this is possible.

A quick look at Google tells me that the president of the country is indeed Dr Boni Yayi.  However I doubt any amount of searching would then be able to tell me why the head of a country is so interested in shipping money out of the country to somewhere other than Switzerland or the Caymans.

I won’t go into the quality of the English, but if we can, for the moment, accept this came from some government agency (extremely doubtful) they would either speak better English or have access to better translators.

I like the fact they’re only asking for $98 to cover the cost of sending this “ATM CARD” to me by DHL.  However, since the president has ordered this (yeah, right) why wouldn’t they send it to their Canadian Embassy in a diplomatic pouch, then forward it on to me?  Just asking.  Or am I being too logical here?   I am?  Sorry (no I’m not) ☺

I’m afraid I must disappoint both President Yayi and Mr Edwin Nonso, because I’m not biting on your bait.  I have better uses for that ninety-eight dollars – like a pair of red 5 inch stilettos.

To my readers, enjoy your day.  If you’ve received this email, just delete it.  The only people who are going to end up with money are the senders of the email.  And don’t forget to hug an artist – we need love too.