How indeed?

Those bots that use key words in postings to send emails or comments really do need to be refined. Although doing so would probably reduce the material available for me to use for blogs. However, the way these throw random words together can be very amusing on occasion, even if they have no bearing on the item being commented upon.

As I wrote in “How can you not know this?”, I was taking part in a study in Toronto yesterday, so didn’t see this in my spam folder until today.


Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it.
Look advanced to far added agreeable from you!
However, how could we communicate?

The blog this is directed at was “If you can’t rebut, attack” from March of 2015. In this, I took someone to task because rather than try to counter my arguments/comments on a situation, they chose to launch a direct attack on me. Oh hell, it’s short, so I’ll just reprint it here. It better shows the inappropriateness of “blogfreely”s comment.  The person “Joseph” is referring to is George Flowers, who has been the subject of my “Bring him to justice” series of blogs.

Mar 25, 2015

If you can’t rebut, attack.

Earlier today, a reader named “Joseph” posted a comment on “I don’t follow the logic” in which he made some general claims without backing them up. In response to this comment, which was really only an attack on some other people and myself, I wrote “Anything constructive to add?”.Joseph seemed to feel I was writing an untrue (his word) story. In my responses (two of them) to his comment, it appears I hit a nerve. I haven’t approved his latest comment because it is nothing but another attack rant.

The first part of it refers to other people, so I won’t copy it here, but the rest refers to me, so here it is, complete with foul language and misspellings:
Your saying because the police put out a warrent he’s guilty?
WowYOUR just a lonely little person with nothing better to do but write story’s for your friends.
You are no writer that’s for sure.Won’t even waste my time anymore.You must be one of the ones he told to fuck off.
All your friends but you
You angry?
No, I’m saying the police believe they had enough evidence to issue the warrants. It’s up to the Canadian courts to determine his guilt or innocence following his extradition after two years in a Jamaican jail.
YOUR just a lonely little person with nothing better to do but write story’s for your friends.You are no writer that’s for sure.
I’m not going to dignify these comments with any further comment, for your judgement would depend upon your point of reference.
Won’t even waste my time anymore.
Good. Please unfollow my blog.
You must be one of the ones he told to fuck off. Actually, had he approached me, I’d have told him to take a hike. I didn’t like him on sight. I found him arrogant and thought he was nothing but a poseur.
Joseph, as I wrote above, some of my comments must have hit home or else rather than attack me, you would have attempted to rebut my points. For your information, the term for an attack on a writer, is “ad hominem”. I didn’t use it earlier because I didn’t want the big words to confuse you.

Now that you understand the piece “blogfreely” commented on, you can see how my opening comments apply to the message. “Amusement account”? Maybe to some readers, but I doubt “Joseph” found it funny.

However, how could we communicate? I’m going to be generous and presume the message came from a bot and wasn’t written by an actual English-speaking person. Because I couldn’t have a conversation with any type of machine that throws words together randomly, and neither could I have a conversation with a person who writes like this because the only part that makes sense is the last question – sort of.


7 thoughts on “How indeed?

  1. If Joseph had a relative who was infected with HIV because of George Flowers I’m sure he would be making a different statement. Ignore this person, he is obviously someone related to George Flowers and the many other Flowers family members who have been charged with crimes as well. The Flowers family should be in Jamaica not here in Canada costing taxpayers and hurting innocent people. Hopefully that’s where George will be sent when he completes his jail sentence. I think it’s wrong for the media to ignore what George has done. We are grateful for you fighting tirelessly for his victims Cat. Thank you for all that you have done to stand up for the victims of George Flowers.


    • Thank you. As I’ve written before, I know people he dated. It is them along with all his other victims that really deserve your thanks, for they had the courage to come forward.


  2. “Joseph” is in fact Dawn Jarvis. George’s loud, ignorant, abrasive and aggressive sister. She is known for blaming the victims and has always been a bully. She’s trash like most of the family and has always been known for her mouth and victimizing others.
    If her children had been victims I wonder if she would behave this way.

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  3. Dawn Jarvis bullied and re-victimized the women George had already victimized. Dawn and her brother will go to hell for all the pain they caused these women. Dawn has daughters and how would she feel if her daughters meet someone like her brother and they become HIV positive and then have her daughters re-victimized by that man’s family. Dawn is as evil as her brother.


  4. Dawn Flowers Jarvis has done a lot of cruel things to these poor women that her brother hurt. Dawn is acting like these women did something wrong. George knowingly became intimate with these women, and lied about his marital status. He knew he was HIV positive but chose to not disclose it to these women. These women are victims of George but Dawn acts like George is the victim. Dawn tried to dig up things to discredit these women. She needs to stop blaming the victims. She needs to accept that her entire Flowers family is filled with criminals who don’t care who they hurt. They only care about personal gain at any cost. George’s wife is one of the individuals who pressed charges against him. Time for Dawn Flowers to admit that her family is filled with criminals, and I agree with some of your readers who they should all be sent back to Jamaica. These are the type of Jamaican trash that give all Jamaicans a bad name.


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