Bring him to justice – justice served

George Flowers, aka Mr Flowas, has entered a plea of guilty to the charges against him and the court has accepted that plea. Victim impact statements and sentencing will take place at a later date.

Over the past five or six years, I have written several blogs under the general title “Bring him to justice”. These detail the efforts of the Toronto Police Service to apprehend then extradite George Flowers on several charges of aggravated sexual assault. I’ve been looking forward to writing this particular piece for a long time. I have no confirmed information, but my personal hope is that he will be deported to Jamaica once he’s done his time.

As I have written before, I know people he dated so can imagine they find this a great relief and can take some solace that this monster is off the streets. On a personal level I am pleased with this outcome for it spares my friends and those other women who had the courage to come forward the possibility of having their carefully rebuilt lives exposed and torn apart in court. His admission of guilt is, in my opinion, the only decent thing he’s done throughout this entire process. Perhaps these people can now find some peace in knowing George Flowers will never again taste freedom on Canadian soil.

I would be remiss if I failed to thank Detective Sergeant Nancy Johnston of the Toronto Police Service for her dogged efforts in getting Flowers back from Jamaica to face the courts. Her determination and hard work made this possible.

I won’t say it’s over. Yes, the legal portion of this is done. But for those victims who have tested HIV positive since their encounter with him, it doesn’t end so easily. They still have to live with what is now considered a chronic disease and worry that they may serial convert and develop AIDS. They have a life sentence while he’ll be freed after he serves his sentence.

If you, or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, not only involving George Flowers, but any other person, please, please, don’t be afraid to report it. Only by doing so can these monsters be removed from society.



2 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – justice served

  1. Thank you Cat for your diligence in making sure the information about George Flowers is made public. I agree that this monster has gotten off lightly for what he has done. I hope he is deported back to Jamaica as well. I think it’s shameful that the media has not reported on this case in anyway since he was extradited. The public has a right to know what happens to this monster. It could help deter other HIV positive men from becoming intimate with anyone without disclosing that they are HIV positive. Please continue to keep us abreast of this case and thank you again for keeping us informed. I pray his victims can move forward with their lives and as difficult as it will be, put what this evil man did behind them.

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    • Thank you. While the court has accepted his guilty plea, he hasn’t been sentenced yet. Apparently there are some legal matters to be ironed out before that can take place. As long as those matters include who is to pay for his one-way ticket to Jamaica, I don’t mind waiting for that sentencing.


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