Bring him to justice – on Canadian soil

“He’s back.” Those are the words that greeted me when I answered an early morning phone call today.

George Flowers, aka Mr Flowas, has been returned from Jamaica, processed, charged with several counts of aggravated sexual assault and currently sits in a jail cell somewhere in or around Toronto. Not sure when he will appear in court for a bail hearing, but my best guess is sometime today. In my view, this will be a mere formality and bail will be denied as he is a flight risk – it just took almost four years to get him from Jamaica. As and when more information becomes available and can be confirmed, I’ll post it.

Once again, if you had sexual relations with this man but didn’t come forward earlier because you didn’t think he’d be caught or were afraid, well, they caught him. He’s in jail. And don’t be afraid any longer. Please contact Detective Sergeant Nancy Johnston at the Toronto Police Service, 55 Division, at 416-808-5505. You don’t have to have tested positive – DS Johnston wants to hear from you.



11 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – on Canadian soil

  1. Thank you Cat. Hopefully the police will encourage women who were involved with this criminal to come forward when the police do their press conference.


  2. Let’s show our solidarity for the Brave Women who have come forward to have this evil person pay for his crimes. Please share the articles that have been written by the media on social media. The articles state there are three charges, but when the warrant was issued there were 11 charges. Cat do you have any idea why there are significantly less charges?


  3. Hello, I am extremely shocked to come across this news. I grew up with George and he was a little monster even as a teen. I would like to know if he is doing time for his crimes.


    • The last verified report I have is that he is in an Ontario jail awaiting trial. As I get confirmed information, I’ll write more. I try to avoid printing rumours for they do nothing positive.


  4. I first met George in 1982 and he was not a little monster. He was a tough kid who grew up poor in the Toronto projects. And yes if you messed with him you’d most likely end up with an ass kicking. George did what he had to do survive though but I was also privy to other sides of him when he could be a very thoughtful, giving, protective and loyal person. Don’t get me wrong though he shouldn’t have done what he did but he is not monster, he’s just another flawed human being like most of us are!


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