Bring him to justice – one step closer

This is one of those pieces I’ve been waiting to write.

I have confirmed information that the Toronto Police Service will be travelling to Jamaica next Tuesday and returning Wednesday with George Flowers. That brings him nearer to facing justice in a Canadian court.

Once again I admit I’m torn by this. On the one side, I’m glad to see Flowers finally in a court to face his accusers. On the other is the fact that those accusers will have their carefully rebuilt lives torn apart by his legal representative. To be honest, I’m not sure the damage that will done to these people this time around is worth it. He destroyed many lives once and now the legal system gives him a chance to do it again.

If you have had sex with this man, please, please, go to your doctor and get tested for HIV.. And also go to the police for you don’t have to be positive to file a complaint.

I’ll update this as and when more information becomes available.


19 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – one step closer

    • No. The only possible delay now is the freezing rain falling as I type this. The flight may be delayed or cancelled today, but that only gives him a one day reprieve. He is definitely coming to Canada.


    • Actually it’s been over 3 years since I wrote “Bring him to justice – CAPTURED”. For the sake of his victims, I really hope he pleads guilty to prevent them having their carefully rebuilt lives destroyed in court.


  1. Hello cat, first and far most I want to thank you for keeping the public updated on what’s going on with George Flowers. Im wondering if there’s anyway you can notify me of his court preceeding’s , dates and time’s as I would like to sit in on them, I would truly appriciate it.


    • Thank you for your comments. Unfortunately, the courtroom will be closed to the public to protect the identities of the victims. If the press doesn’t keep the public informed, I’ll do my best to keep everyone updated.


    • I will. The tagline on this site reads “a lone voice crying in the wilderness”, but I’m getting tired of being the only one writing on this. I have heard the police will hold a press conference when he is returned.


  2. I hope we hear soon if this monster is being sent back to Toronto to face the charges. As you can see people in Jamaica think he should pay for his crimes. As the man in the video mentions when George infected his victims they could have unknowingly infected others as well. George Flowers is fighting that he didn’t have to disclose his illness as he had a right to privacy. What about his victims right to life?


  3. This situation keeps getting more absurd. It’s time for the Jamaican government to return this monster to Canada to face up to what he’s done and stop allowing that fool of a lawyer from making a mockery of the judicial system in Jamaica. George Flower’s constitutional rights were not breached. The women that he assaulted and in some cases infected, they are the only victims here. Time for this to get resolved. Jamaica needs to send the degenerate back to Canada to face the courts here.


    • I agree he should be brought to Canadian justice, but at the same time, I have some concerns for his victims. many of these women have carefully rebuilt their lives, or built new ones and we know his lawyers will try to chew them up in court.


  4. Any word on this reprobate? This monster needs to be brought back to face justice. I understand the concern for his victims, but is it okay for him to get away with what he did and not have to pay in anyway? Does he have the right to live a free man in Jamaica while his victims have to live with what he did to them? Shouldn’t he pay for his crimes? If he gets away with what he has done, it sends the wrong message to others who may be infected with HIV and think they have the right to privacy. I think he needs to pay so it sends a loud and clear message to others.


  5. Anyone have any information on this case? I know it will be difficult for his victims to have to have this brought back to the forefront, but the alternative of having this monster get away with what he has done isn’t right. George Flowers needs to pay for the pain he has caused these women. He needs to be made an example for others who are HIV infected. They need to take responsibility and inform their partners of their condition. They do not have the right to privacy with this. George Flowers should not be allowed to be free in Jamaica, he needs to be brought back to Toronto and face the courts here.


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