Bring him to justice – request

As my followers and readers are aware, I’ve been writing a series under the general title “Bring him to justice”. This series is about the actions of one George Flowers, aka Mr Flowas, and the attempts by the Canadian government to extradite him from Jamaica to face multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault. These charges stem from the fact that for a period of several years, he failed to disclose his HIV positive status to his various partners some of whom have tested positive.

The last concrete information I have is that his final appeal against extradition was heard by the Jamaican Courts in January, 2016 and the judge has apparently reserved a decision on this matter. It is now June and my other sources have heard nothing further on the Court’s decision.

I know I have two readers who, in the past, have provided me with links to articles in The Gleaner. I ask these two people if they have any further information on this case and. If so, could they please send me a link to the information, or send me the information.

Personally I feel the longer he remains in jail in Jamaica, the better for if he is returned to Toronto, his victims will have to undergo the stress of having their carefully rebuilt lives torn apart by his attorneys.



14 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – request

  1. I don’t have any details about George Flowers, but I read about the conviction of a man in Georgia who did what George did by having unprotected sex as an HIV carrier and didn’t disclose that fact to his partners. The judge said the man is evil and sentenced him to 10 years in prison. As difficult as it would be for the victims of George Flowers to have to go through the court proceedings, they may never have closure in their lives until he is brought to justice. George should be punished for all his evil and he should get 10 years for each of his victims.

    A question for those defending George – if your daughter was deceived by someone who was HIV positive and was at risk of becoming infected with HIV, what would you want the courts to do?


  2. Great news! That document on the link is dated June 30, 2016. Any update on when he will be extradited? His victims deserve to know when George will be sitting in a Canadian jail awaiting his fate for all of the pain and harm he has caused them. Hopefully the Toronto media and the police will make it a point to make George Flowers front page news when he is extradited.


  3. He must be appealing again. The media in Toronto really need to get this in the headlines to get this monster back in Toronto to face up to what he did. Maybe his victims can contact Global News. Farah Nasser and Alan Carter give their email address and ask people to email them with their suggestions or concerns. or It’s time for him to truly be Brought to Justice.


  4. HI Cat,
    I read most of your blogs this morning after trying to do a search on this case which came in the local papers.

    Excellent read. Great job. Sort of tedious and frustrating when I look on the days and dates and follows up and the ranting and name calling and attacks against you…


    If only I could give you a hug and buy you a cup of coffee.

    please see link below:


    • Than you. I must admit that knowing some of the people he dated has made this difficult to write on occasion. As for the personal attacks, as a blogger, which is really only an electronic version of newspaper columns, I feel that if I’m not upsetting someone, I’m not doing my job properly.


  5. The Jamaican news are reporting that he has lost all appeals and will be returned to Canada to face charges. He will be returned very soon


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