If you can’t rebut, attack

Earlier today, a reader named “Joseph” posted a comment on “I don’t follow the logic” in which he made some general claims without backing them up. In response to this comment, which was really only an attack on some other people and myself, I wrote “Anything constructive to add?”.

Joseph seemed to feel I was writing an untrue (his word) story. In my responses (two of them) to his comment, it appears I hit a nerve. I haven’t approved his latest comment because it is nothing but another attack rant. The first part of it refers to other people, so I won’t copy it here, but the rest refers to me, so here it is, complete with foul language and misspellings:
Your saying because the police put out a warrent he’s guilty?
YOUR just a lonely little person with nothing better to do but write story’s for your friends.
You are no writer that’s for sure.
Won’t even waste my time anymore.
You must be one of the ones he told to fuck off.
All your friends but you
You angry?

No, I’m saying the police believe they had enough evidence to issue the warrants. It’s up to the Canadian courts to determine his guilt or innocence following his extradition after two years in a Jamaican jail.

YOUR just a lonely little person with nothing better to do but write story’s for your friends.
You are no writer that’s for sure. I’m not going to dignify these comments with any further comment, for your judgement would depend upon your point of reference.

Won’t even waste my time anymore. Good. Please unfollow my blog.

You must be one of the ones he told to fuck off. Actually, had he approached me, I’d have told him to take a hike. I didn’t like him on sight. I found him arrogant and thought he was nothing but a poseur.

Joseph, as I wrote above, some of my comments must have hit home or else rather than attack me, you would have attempted to rebut my points. For your information, the term for an attack on a writer, is “ad hominem”. I didn’t use it earlier because I didn’t want the big words to confuse you.


7 thoughts on “If you can’t rebut, attack

  1. Cat,

    I wouldn’t waste my knowledge OR energy on this person worrying about whether he can understand large words. I would hardly think him capable when he can’t even use the proper spelling or use of ‘you are’ but instead using ‘your’ — and shouting it in capitalized form.

    Hopefully this case will soon come to both a timely and proper end.



    • That’s right asshole. Again only put a part story for your 2 followers.
      They wanted it, they got it, stop complaining.
      Good bye you peice of shit.


      • I wouldn’t normally do this, but your latest comment proves my point that when you can’t rebut an argument you attack the writer. I don’t usually post nonsense like this, but your ego seems to need the exposure. This is the only time I will indulge your narcissism.


      • You stupid shit.. he infected my best friends sister he never told her aside from that he was a loser who acted like he had his shit together walking around with portfolio pictures trying to hand them out autographed like he was something special.. I know him to.. I know him well enough to know that he used to Jones in the projects at spade a and dundas barefoot on more than one occasion for crack .. I dare you to deny he had a drug problem and act like u know him.. I also know for a fact he used to try and go to the TD bank on dundas and midland and tried changing a 250.00 money order that was stamped incorrectly and tried changing it to 250 000 and instead of being the great man with such charity work and integrity that u know and telling the bank of the mistake the diseased fuck tried going to another an to cash it.. and I dare u to dispute that because ignorant dummy I was the fucking teller.. His poor beautiful classy wife was the one who made the money he just lived off it making peanuts …accept the fact this idiot lied to u too and be glad u weren’t a victim…and before u try ur shit about how could I let my best friends sister be with a man I knew was married first it’s my friends sister I wasn’t in her life to know who it was until too late and she was young and a VIRGIN when he lied about not only his status but being married he would met her and go to Pegasus restaurant on university with her for lunch regularly not to mention his appetite for sushi that he also introduced her to .. I’m only being so descriptive so u know I know without a doubt the hiv lying crackhead I’m talking about..


      • Nonya, he infected my best friend so I have no synpathy for this POS. As far as his alleged “charity work”, the only charity I am aware of was his constant borrowing money from his friends, in other words, charity centred on him.

        He apparently has exhausted his final court appeal in Jamaica and is awaiting the court’s decision. Personally I hope he stays there because I don’t want to see his victims have their lives torn apart again.


      • Part of me hopes he stays only because I know the conditions in the jail are probably worse but I fear that a charge like this there will not give him the time he needs. The other wants him here because I know alot of friends of friends who knew him from his so called glory day and crack days that are dying to come face to face with this lil rat..Me personally I think his charges should be upgraded to attempted murder but our justice system sometimes drops the ball…for him to be trying so hard to stay in Jamaica knowing the jails here have to be more comfortable to an extent and this piece of shit who always flaunted a luxury life style would appeal over an over to stay it has to be for a reason and like I mentioned I think the reason is a slap on the wrist and a quick release. .Icould be wrong but I think I read that there is no specific law or charge in Jamaica for not disclosing status like there is here it would fall under some other charge which would probably give him a slap on the wrist..I can only imagine the number of women infected in Jamaica falling at his feet thinking he is this rich Canadian Star..I also heard one of his wives was positive also is that Lisa Or Linda? Thank God his children were spared


      • I too feel the charge should have been attempted murder, but obviously the Crown felt they had a better chance of conviction on the aggravated sexual assault charges. He has been in a Jamaican jail now for approximately 3 1/2 years fighting the extradition.


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