It seems to be open season

Over the past two or three months, it seems the lunatic fringe has decided it’s open season on trans* people. Here are some examples I’ve come across:

On two separate occasions, one a radio interview and the other a print article, the speaker/writer referred to trans* people as “mental”. So, I know a lot of cisgendered people who could be considered mental as well. On that basis, these people are saying trans* people are just like everyone else. Too bad that isn’t really a valid viewpoint.

In a recent posting on Facebook, someone posted a link to an article (which I couldn’t find when I went looking for a second time) that stated trans* people were possessed by demons. Uh huh, that’s what they claimed. Of course this article was written by some hard core Christian and bears no relation whatsoever to reality. Then again, on a couple of occasions when I’ve spent the night at a friend’s, she told me she found me floating above the bed, but when she smudged me, I settled down again. Just kidding, just kidding.

There was an interesting posting on Lexie Cannes State of Trans ( from another Christian writer who stated in part “Members of the sexual anarchy movement have in their cross-hairs anyone who publicly opposes their tyrannical agenda…”. What agenda? I must have missed that memo.

Then we come to the tragic story of Leelah Alcorn. This is the 17 year old who stepped in front of a tractor-trailer just after Christmas. If you don’t know the story, here’s a brief synopsis. This young lady, born Joshua, came out as trans* to her parents and was told by her mother “It’s just a phase” and “God doesn’t make mistakes”. Her parents pulled her out of school, sent her to Christian therapy and cut off all access to social media. In short, they isolated her. I don’t know the full extent of what happened in the Alcorn household, but eventually Leelah decided it wasn’t worth living and took her solitary walk across a busy highway. In interviews following Leelah’s tragic and wasteful death, her parents shamefully insisted upon using her male name and referring to her with male pronouns.

I recall reading something on Facebook quite a while ago that has stuck with me: Parents of a child who comes out as gay or trans* haven’t failed that child. They fail by not accepting them. I think that well describes the Alcorns.

Regarding Mrs Alcorn’s comment that God doesn’t make mistakes, when I first came out, I was attending church in Whitby, Ont. In a discussion one Sunday after services with a friend and the assistant rector’s wife, I mentioned that one of the more common questions I’m asked was “why?”. The wife of the assistant rector promptly came back with “Tell them ‘because God wants it this way’.”

So, according to these supposedly intelligent people, if you’re trans*, you’re mental; possessed by demons; going through a phase and have a tyrannical agenda. By the way, if someone has the memo on the agenda, could you send me a copy because I don’t think I got it.


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