He’s done it again

Rob Ford, mayor of all subway-loving Torontonians, has starred in another impromptu video.  This time the video was shot at a fast food restaurant and shows Robbie, apparently drunk, but definitely under the influence of alcohol, swearing in Jamaican patois.

He admitted he’d had “a bit” to drink (this after declaring in a press conference that he doesn’t drink) and used as his excuse that he was on his own time, out with friends.  I don’t buy it.  He also dodged the question of who drove him to the restaurant.

Rob Ford is the mayor of Canada’s largest city and should realize that after the fiasco last year was for him – “I do not smoke crack cocaine.”  “Yes, I smoked crack cocaine.” –   that any time he is out in public, he is going to be scrutinized.  The man has a high (no pun intended) profile in Toronto, so whenever he steps out his front door, he is on public display and should behave accordingly.  Perhaps it hasn’t sunk into his alcohol and drug addled brain yet, but politicians give up much of their personal time once elected to office.  The instant they leave home, they are in the public eye and should govern themselves accordingly, especially the chief magistrate of a city.

Once again there are calls for his resignation, and I have to agree.  Neither Mayor Rob, nor his chief apologist and brother, Councillor Doug, deserve to be in politics.  How many times over the past year has Rob denied something, only to later admit it?  How many times over the past year has Doug rushed to his brother’s defence only to be shown to be a fool when Rob later says “well, yeah, I did do that, but I was in a drunken stupor”?

If nothing else, both the brothers Ford are guilty of lying to the electorate.  Now we all realize a certain amount of fudging the truth is found in politics, but these two have raised it to an artform.

Robbie has filed his papers to run for mayor in the next election which is this coming October.  If the people of Toronto have any sense at all, they will see to it that he wasted his filing fees.


2 thoughts on “He’s done it again

  1. Well expressed, Cat! I must say that I would n’t relish my feet in any politicians shoes,and I would be the last to run for office, even in a small city let alone one the size of Toronto, but as a citizen of Ontario whose capital city is Toronto I feel as if I have a right to voice an opinion, and it very much echoes yours, Cat. His actions very much continue to repeat prior ones, in one form or another, and each time he always gives the same excuse. These ‘excuses’ have become both mundane, and worn-out. I would be surprised to see him win a new term, but we must remember the fiasco that happened south of the border with George W; that made everyone wonder how people could be so irresponsible and unfortunately they found out, much to their own misgivings. That analogy might be a bit over-the-top with regard to Major Robby, but the bases of it is very much the same. The old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do,” is wearing rather thin with him, and it should tell come this fall.


    • Unfortunately, with 23 other candidates for the office of mayor, there is a very good chance he could be re-elected.

      I don’t live in Toronto, but often what happens in that city has an effect on rhe Greater Toronto Area, which is why I comment on things that happen there,


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