Bring him to justice – CAPTURED!!!

An elite squad from the Jamaican Constabulary Force has arrested George Flowers aka ‘Mr Flowas” on Canadian warrants of aggravated sexual assault. This happened about 1 pm Toronto time June 4.  At the time of writing, Flowers is in a Jamaican jail awaiting an extradition hearing.

As with all cases involving someone captured in a foreign country, the person can either waive or fight the extradition order.  In this case, waiving extradition would mean Flowers could be returned to Canada post-haste or, if he fights it, he will spend time in a Jamaican prison.  I must admit I have mixed feelings about this situation.  As I wrote in the original posting “Bring him to justice” I know people who dated this man.  Yes, I’m glad he’s finally been detained.  It’s about time this piece of garbage was off the streets so he can’t infect anyone else.

This is good news, but it is tempered by this: if he waives extradition, or the Jamaican courts reject his arguments, he will be returned to Canada to stand trial. While the police investigation and search have awakened memories in his victims, the worst could still be ahead for them.  It is my understanding Mr Flowers now has AIDS and is extremely ill.  Given his condition, I would hope there is a possibility he would plead guilty.  If he doesn’t, then his lawyers will do their best to discredit his victims.  These victims don’t need to relive that part of their lives again; nor do they deserve to have their reputations dragged through the gutter, neither should they have the lives they’ve carefully rebuilt destroyed, yet this could happen under our system of justice.

One victim has told me that in hearing of his arrest she feels she has received some justice and is very elated at this news.

As more information becomes available, I’ll report it.

To repeat what Detective Johnston wrote earlier,    His non-disclosure actions are criminal whether or not a sexual encounter resulted in HIV infection. A lot of people are under the impression that if they DIDN’T contract HIV, that they have no criminal claim and that is false. The charge is for the “threat” of contracting the virus at the time of sexual contact if they were NOT advised of someone’s HIV status PRIOR to any sexual encounter.  If the fact George was at large has kept you from contacting the police in the past, now that he’s in custody, I urge you to please contact Detective Nancy Johnston, Toronto Police Service, 55 Division at 416-808-5505.


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Bring him to justice – CAPTURED!!!

30 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – CAPTURED!!!

  1. This is good news! I am glad that this man has finally been captured, and I can’t help stating that I do not feel sorry for him in the least now that he has developed the horrid disease that he openly and arrogantly passed on to his unsuspecting victims. I hardly think anyone would or could denounce my statement, if they do, then they are as unfeeling and arrogant as Mr. Flowers. Whatever happens, I hope that those whose lives have been dealt such a devastating blow will find some comfort, and also that they will be spared. Thank you, Cat, for this well expressed and dedicated news update.


  2. Why haven’t the Toronto Police reported that this disgusting person has been captured? Don’t the women he victimized deserve to know he’s been captured. I hope they throw the book at him, he has hurt so many innocent people. His victims deserve Justice. This type of thing should be front page news so the public can know the scum has been caught and can’t hurt anyone else.


  3. I hope Detective Johnston gets her message out through the media now that he’s been captured that his non-disclosure actions are criminal whether or not a sexual encounter resulted in HIV infection. A lot of people are under the impression that if they DIDN’T contract HIV, that they have no criminal claim and that is false. The charge is for the “threat” of contracting the virus at the time of sexual contact if they were NOT advised of someone’s HIV status PRIOR to any sexual encounter.

    It’s important to educate his victim’s of their rights.


    • For some reason, the mainstream media has given George Flowers next to no coverage. There was a brief flurry when the police first announced they were looking for him and Global TV Toronto did an interview with one of his victims when the police announced it was now a Canada-wide warrant. Other than that, it has been bloggers like myself who’ve been spreading the word. I’ve been writing these pieces because I know people who dated this garbage and I know people who know him because their sisters or cousins dated him. And yes. some of these people are now HIV positive.

      Please feel free to copy the link to my posting. Any effort to get that information out is welcome.


  4. When does this selfish, disgusting excuse of a human being get brought back to Toronto to face up to what he has done? They should throw him in jail for life. He deserves a life sentence like the life sentences he has given to the innocent women he has or potentially has infected.


  5. I hear his family is filled with people who have criminal backgrounds. His brother, nephews, etc. I personally think his entire family of reprobates should be shipped back to Jamaica, Why should Canadian tax dollars have to pay to deal with the likes of the Flowers family? Let Jamaica have to deal with them.


  6. Good news to say the least. Where is there a news article that I can share out with news of his capture? I’m sure that there are women out there who have been too afraid to step forward knowing that he was at large until now….


  7. Why havent we heard anything else about this criminal? It would be nice if his victims had some news, good news, that this evil man was brought back to Toronto and have to face the women he violated. Where is he? Why hasnt there been any news on his capture?


  8. seriously why is no one hearing what is going on with this monster? Is he coming back to Toronto to face up to what he did to so many women? He needs to pay for what he did.


    • I have been told there has been some delays in arranging his extradition hearing. When the Jamaican courts do finally deal with this, I have every hope he will be facing Canadian justice. I have had no other information I can confirm so will not print it. To do otherwise would make me a rumourmonger, which I am not. Thanks for commenting.


  9. Is the Canadian justice system letting this monster get away with hurting so many innocent Canadians? Why isn’t he back in Canada locked up for life? Why aren’t the women he victimized getting justice from this country? Can he be sued by the women whose lives he destroyed? Is he really going to get away with what he did?


    • As with any other criminal who flees the country, he is entitled to an extradition hearing wherein Canada tries tp show the Court why he should be returned to Canada and he tries to show why he shouldn’t. While this seems to be taking a long time, I’m assured by my contacts that the wheels of justice are indeed turning.

      His victims aren’t being ignored. but until he is back on Canadian soil, nothing can be done for them.

      As for suing him, I’m not a lawyer so can’t offer a definitive answer on that.

      And I certainly hope he doesn’t get away with it.


  10. Why isn’t canadian media letting his victims know what is happening?

    Wouldn’t canadian media publicity help him lose his appeal (if he appeals) and get him back here to Toronto to face up to what he did? I agree with wantingjustice he is a monster and should be facing canadian justice and his victims should have the right to sue him. What can his victims do to make sure he gets extradited?


    • Thanks for the link.

      Canadian media hasn’t touched this except for the initial Public Safety Alert and a short interview with one of his victims. As I understand it, his appeal is before the Jamaican courts, but my sources have no information on how it is proceeding.

      Unfortunately, since it is before the courts, all his victims, their friends and families, can do is wait for the wheels of justice to stop turning.


  11. Is there still no word on what is happening with this monster? This man must have sisters and daughters, how could he treat women with such disrespect? Would any of the people who are defending this animal feel this way if their children or sisters became infected with HIV because someone they trusted treated them with disrespect? They would want that person to pay for putting their loved ones lives in jeopardy, just as we want George to pay for what he did. No woman should have to live with the fear of waking up with HIV because someone intentionally withheld information about being infected with HIV.


    • To my knowledge, he is still in jail in Jamaica awaiting his final appeal of the etradition order. As more confirmed information becomrd available, I will post it. Thanks for commenting.


  12. I can’t believe this guy is still not back in Canada to face his victims. There is no word about his fate. There are so many women waking up not knowing if they will be infected with HIV. Just imagine getting pregnant years after having george in her life and instead of being excited about being pregnant being terrified of possibly having a child with HIV. The Canadian and Jamaican government has let all of george’s victims down. They need to get this monster back here and let him serve his time for his crimes. This is not right. His victims deserve closure.


  13. It would be a great Thanksgiving for the women victimized by george if he would be brought back to Toronto and do his time for the crimes he commited. It’s been too long and the Canadian government needs to get him back here. Let’s see justice work for the women who deserve to see this man brought to justice.


  14. To cm and wanting justice, despite the delays things are happening. The last information I have is that he is currently filing his last appeal. My source can see no reason why this court would overturn the lower courts decisions. It is unfortunate but sometimes the wheels of justice turn exceedingly slowly.

    He has been in a Jamaican jail since shortly before this blog was written and when he is returned to Toronto he will go straight to jail here.



    • Thank you for the link. I don’t envy the Court in deciding on this. Personally I must admit I am torn. As much as I want to see him face justice in Toronto, at the same time I’m not certain I want to see the lives these ladies have carefully rebuilt torn apart in court.


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