Thankfully they were wrong

I watched something on television the other night that started me thinking of some of the predictions made for how we’d be living in the twenty-first century.  Some of those predictions have come to pass and some haven’t.

There is one I am very glad didn’t come to pass – flying cars.  Think about what it’s like driving on the roads these days.  Things can be pretty scary with other vehicles using the same two dimensions now available to us.  Would you really want the possibility of some idiot using the roof of your car as a landing strip?  I drove a cab for years so know how unpredictable other drivers can be and have no expectation that adding “up” and “down” to the usual “left”, “right”, “reverse” and “forward” would immediately improve anyone’s ability to control a vehicle.  Of course, I suppose flying cars would eliminate a lot of bad drivers.  Unfortunately, they would probably also take a lot of innocent people with them.

There are times prognosticators are ‘way off base, and I’m glad this was one of them.

Enjoy your day, be careful on the roads, and remember to hug an artist (not while you’re  driving) – we need love too.


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