Bring him to justice – recap

Last August I began a series of posts under the general title “Bring him to justice” following the release of a Public Safety Alert by the Toronto Police Service.  The subject of this PSA was one George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas”, wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  This man was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996 but neglected to tell his sexual partners, some of whom are now themselves HIV positive.  My interest in this case arises from the fact I know people he dated.

As new verifiable information became available, or as I felt it necessary to respond to comments on postings, I would add another posting to the series. According to the last verifiable report, actually an updated PSA, he was facing twelve charges.  I haven’t added anything over the past couple of months for the simple reason I won’t print rumours.  Oh, I’ve heard stories that he’s been spotted here or there; that he’s being hidden somewhere, or that he’s turned himself in.  But without any confirmation, I won’t print these canards and nobody can confirm the information.  So it doesn’t get printed.  One further reason for that decision, especially the rumour he’s turned himself in, is that it would give false hope to his victims, and their lives are hard enough without me adding to their difficulties.

If you have any information on the present whereabouts of George Flowers, or you wish to add yourself to the list of victims, I urge you to contact Detective Nancy Johnston at the Toronto Police Service, 55 Division, telephone number 416-808-5505.  You can also contact CrimeStoppers anonymously with your information.  According to information from Det Johnston, you don’t have to have been diagnosed positive to file a complaint, just that fact you were with him is enough.

Considering the lack of interest from the mainstream media on this, I feel confident that if something does happen on the search for George Flowers, you’ll read it here first.


2 thoughts on “Bring him to justice – recap

  1. Good morning, Cat.

    I find it rather strange that nobody seems to comment on a post such as this as well as the seriousness of both the information and message it contains. I I suppose it’s like the old saying ‘ hasn’t happened to me or anybody I know therefore it doesn’t affect me’, unfortunately those who might think that way would definitely change their course of thinking very quickly if the tables were to turn. The same could be said with regard to the media and their embarrassing coverage of the seriousness of what this man has done, and no doubt continues to do. My hat is still off to you for trying to keep this before the public’s eye.


  2. Thank you Rusty. It is unfortunate that other than a brief flurry when the Toronto Police issued the Canada Wide Warrant, there has been no coverage of any kind in the mainstream media on the search for this “thing”. As I said in this posting to explain my silence on this matter, I don’t have any hard information and won’t print rumours.


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