I think I’ve been insulted

The following was in my WordPress spam this morning and of course had no bearing on the intended post:

That is really interesting, You are an overly professional blogger.
I’ve joined your rss feed and look forward to in the hunt for more of your excellent post. Also, I have shared your site in my social networks

This is what the Oxford University Press, the dictionary WordPerfect uses since I have the language set as “English – Canada”, has: overly >adverb excessively.

How is it possible to be excessively professional?  I suppose another way to put that would be “how can one be too good at what they do?”  Think of the professionals we commonly deal with, such as doctors.  Would you change your doctor because they were “overly professional”?  Probably not.  You’d want him to be as professional as he could possibly be.  You’re not going to say “Gee doc, don’t you think you’re being overly professional there?”

Now, although I write, I would hardly consider myself a professional blogger.  In my writings (rants/ravings/reasoned discussions [your choice]) I try to write in a manner people find entertaining.  Topics are usually whatever catches my eye on any given day or, like today, something in which I  think I can find some humour.  Everyone needs to laugh at least once a day.  I’m biassed of course since I’m the writer, but I don’t think anything I’ve posted here has been excessive.  If it has, nobody’s ever said anything, so I presume it isn’t.  I suppose whoever wrote it intended it as a compliment, but the phrasing of the rest of the comment makes me believe they may have used “overly” in error.

Since it’s Friday, enjoy the rest of today and your weekend.  Remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


2 thoughts on “I think I’ve been insulted

  1. LOL it does sound like you have been insulted. Though to be fair I have always thought you were excessively professional. Your content is content. Yeah. 😉 LOL gotta love he spammers.


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