What if he were your relative?

I just read an item on the CITYNews website.  Apparently a man who was assaulted on Valentine’s day has died.  This man was 83 years old.  Peel Regional Police have someone in custody, originally charged with aggravated assault and have said they will upgrade the charges.

At the time of writing, one person had commented on this item and I consider the comment offensive.  Here’s the comment, which was posted anonymously of course:

Come on, the guy was almost dead anyways at 83.  At best he had one or two years left before he would succumb to old age so the punishment should be no more than one or two years. I served 3 years for accidentally killing another man – it’s ridiculous. Besides, the Bible says that everyone should be given a second chance and let s/he who has not sinned cast the first stone.

Sorry to burst this idiot’s balloon, but there are octogenarians in my building who are more active than am I at age 68.  Age has nothing to do with this.  It doesn’t matter whether this gentlemen was 83 or 33.  What matters is someone else took his life and should pay for that act.  One thing I do find ridiculous is that the poster only served 3 years for a killing, even an accidental one.

As I asked in the title, what if this 83 year old gentleman were the father or grandfather of the person who posted this callous comment – would he still feel the same?  Or would he want the killer’s head on a stake?  This gentleman was someone’s father or grandfather, keep that in mind.  I’m sure they would be heartbroken to read this jerk’s comments, to see how disposable someone else considers their relative.


3 thoughts on “What if he were your relative?

  1. As far as I am concerned the idiot in question did nothing but prove the point as to how much of an idiot he truly is. And the fact that he posted anonymously also shows how much of a coward he is. Anyone that could be this heartless toward another human being or even an animal, shows the kind of person they truly are, and using the Bible to try and justify their actions is as idiotic as the brainless nonsense they spout. I think his words are appalling,and if he truly believes in a higher power then he should realize just how justice is truly served.


  2. If anything, the assailant should serve a harsh punishment. By assaulting an 83-year old, he obviously went for someone who couldn’t defend himself. This is the kind of guy who thinks that “weak” means “easy prey”.

    As for the Bible quote, I’m wondering how many “second chances” the perpetrator got before he “graduated” to assaulting octogenarians…


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