I don’t find it cute

Brangelina; Bennifer; J Lo; LiLo.  And after Sunday’s Oscar broadcast, apparently we can add J Law to the list.

What’s with all this shortening or combining celebrities’ names?  Is it laziness on the part of the entertainment reporters?  Is it an attempt to be cute?  Or should we consider that these abbreviations an insult – that we, as readers or viewers, are seen as lacking either the attention span or intelligence to understand the complete name.  I’ll admit there are times I have no idea who the hell they’re talking about sometimes.

In my bookcase is a book titled “Dumbing down of America”.  This is a collection of essays on the theme that everything is being reduced to the lowest common denominator.  This spoon-feeding of bite-sized bits of information rather than details, according to these essays will have (and has had) the effect of lowering the average intelligence of America.  With everything digested for us there is no longer any need for the public to think.  Others have done that for us and decided what we need to know – which is very little.  Consider this: how many times have we as parents commented that our kids don’t seem to be learning anything in school, or heard or friends or neighbours utter the same comment?   Should we look upon this butchering of names as part of this dumbing down process?  Or is it, as I wrote above, laziness or cuteness?  You decide.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love (and details) too.

Cat.   (And there ain’t much anyone could do to butcher that)

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