I’d do it again

On December first, I published “Editing ain’t easy” about the fact I was proofreading a friend’s manuscript.  I made comment on the fact that editing someone else’s work isn’t as easy as it sounds, for while you’re helping them polish their work, you must be careful not to leave your own grimy fingerprints all over it.  (What’s that? You washed your hands first.  Okay, ignore “grimy” then.)  It’s their book, not yours. You can’t rewrite it. This past week I finished the work on the manuscript. No, I won’t tell you what I charged, but will say she didn’t scream “Are you out of your mind?” into the telephone when I told her.

I wouldn’t mind doing more.  Not just for the money, but I quite enjoyed the challenge and the satisfaction of helping someone improve their work.  So, (blatant plug here) if you, or someone you know, is looking for editing services, but object to the prices asked by services such as Createspace, you can contact me through here.  We can talk about it.


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