Sometimes I despair

Two things have me shaking my head and wondering about people and/or organizations over the past couple of days.

Two days ago I posted a piece I called “Am I really Canadian?” clearly labelled and tagged as “Humour”.  This was intended to poke some fun at three of the stereotypes to which some Canadians cling.  From the first comment I received on this posting, obviously my attempt at humour failed, or the poster failed to notice the “humour” label and tag.  Maybe I should have thrown a few “eh”s into the piece. Perhaps it would have sunk in that way eh?  I won’t copy his comments here, but I’ll refill my coffee mug while you read the posting and comments.  There, I’ve now got a nice hot coffee beside me and you’ve finished.  Is there anything in that posting that honestly warrants his first comment?  As I wrote in my response to Rusty Blackwood, I credit my followers and readers with the intelligence to tell the difference between my serious postings and those I put up just for fun – to provide a laugh in someone’s day.  Obviously “snaughty” needs to lighten up a tad.

The other matter is more in the lines of being a frustration.  Last May I went to Future Shop to buy a laptop.  I felt I needed one for the photo business, at least the way I’ve got it set up.  I found a nice Lenovo B575 that seemed to suit my needs.  Unfortunately the only one they had left was the demo model, which they sold to me at a discounted price since it was the demo.  In my posting “Dear Mr Gates” of October 18, I lament that this new laptop runs Windows 7.

Since this was a demo, all I really got from Future Shop was the laptop – no documentation of any kind from Lenovo.  Granted there is a “Lenovo Users’s Guide” on the hard drive, but that basically tells me how to do things like change the battery or replace the hard drive.  That isn’t the kind of information I need.

Being a Canadian machine, this laptop has an English/French keyboard.  Every so often I will somehow turn on the French characters, but since I touch-type, I don’t often look at the keyboard when I’m working, so have no idea what key, or combination of keys I’ve pressed to perform that action. At the moment, I also have long nails for some photoshoots, which don’t help the typing either.  Nothing I’ve tried seems to turn the French off again. I usually have to exit the programme I’m working in and start it up again so the system will reset to English.  If I haven’t saved my work recently, that can be a royal pain.   Another problem is this: how can I clean the screen without damaging anything when a simple soft cloth to remove dust won’t work?   These are not covered in the installed manual, which, as I wrote above, seems to deal mainly with hardware issues.

Yesterday I finally remembered to contact Lenovo to ask about a manual on the care and feeding of the machine for things other than hardware problems.  The person I spoke with directed me to a website where I could download a manual.  It turned out to be the one I already have on the hard drive.  Not satisfactory.  Tried Google.  Every single listing was for that same manual.  That isn’t what I need to know, people.  I have a letter to be mailed to Lenovo on Monday morning explaining my predicament and it ends by saying (I’m paraphrasing now) “if such a manual doesn’t exist, can you at least answer these two questions”.  Ah well, this is just the latest installment in my ongoing battle with computers.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to hug an artist – we need love (and pertinent information) too.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes I despair

  1. Love your articles – yes some people take themselves FAR too seriously – and regarding your search for a Laptop, I reverently went thro a similar scenario looking for a Tablet, went into the store to look at iPads etc, being before Xmas they didn’t have the model I wanted, asked if there was something using Windows. YES was the eager reply, here’s a bran nu MS Surface RT with windows 8, beaut, I’ll take that. Got home and played around for a while, Gee a user manual would be great! Fat chance, it’s ‘intuitive’ the packet says! REALLY ? Well it nearly got a flying lesson after a couple of days and I admit to using Mr Gates name in vain, anyway the sd card slot was damaged so I took it back, and they offered to replace it but by the they had a fresh stock of iPads and we got to live happily ever after. Arr that’s better, got it off my chest. …. cheers Sent from my iPhone


  2. I too am canadian and need to draft in French sometimes – have Lenovo B575 bought from Future Shop – no manual and what instructions I can download do not answer keyboard function for French symbols – I called Lenovo help desk today but their email reply stating to click on Fn button and key with symbol does not solve the issue so I cannot type in French with proper accents !


    • Anna, I suspect in your case, you would press the “Fn” key and the “Alt Car” key. When I manage to turn on the French, I’ve tried that but it doesn’t seem to be a toggle function.


    • Anna, according to what I’ve figured out by using the “what happens if I do this?” method, there should be a small keyboard icon on the taskbar, near the right side. If you click on that you should be given the keyboard options. At least that works on mine 🙂



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