Am I really Canadian?

It has been said that to be Canadian, you must like three things: hockey, Tim Hortons coffee (they dropped the apostrophe years ago) and maple syrup.

First, yes, I like maple syrup – in small quantities.

As for Timmy’s well, maybe I drank too much of it when I drove a cab nights, for I now find it bitter.  I usually order tea when I’m there.

As for hockey, that’s what prompted this posting. If you live anywhere in North America, by now you must be aware the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association finally settled their long lock-out/strike.  The Toronto Maple Leafs, as they have done in the past, are hand delivering packages to some of the seasons ticket holders, using present and former players for the purpose.

This afternoon I was distracted by the sound of slamming doors outside my apartment window.  When I checked, I saw a Purolator Courier truck with someone wearing a Leafs’ jersey in the right front seat and beside it a van from one of the local television stations.  The van was in the process of disgorging a camera man and commentator.  Apparently someone in the office next door was about to get their Leafs’ seasons tickets.  I watched for a short time and saw the passenger get out of the truck carrying a Purolator package.  I’m on the second floor so couldn’t really make out much more than the fact the  obviously former player was losing his hair.  My first thought was “who’s the bald guy?”  It wasn’t until he turned around that I recognized Wendell Clark, one of the gods of Leaf Nation.

So why didn’t I recognize Wendell?  Mainly because I haven’t really followed hockey since the league expanded beyond the “original six”.  That was, I believe, 1967, which coincidentally is the last time the Leafs won the Stanley Cup.

Which brings up the question: Am I really Canadian when I don’t like hockey or Tim Hortons, but do like maple syrup?   In my opinion, one out of three ain’t bad.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


4 thoughts on “Am I really Canadian?

  1. Don’t fall in for all that hogwash. The fact that you’re questioning your heritage instead of telling off the people who made you question it is all the proof you need that you’re Canadian. Maple syrup is awesome, though. I think that’s universal.


  2. Hi Cat,
    In my humble opinion, and I believe everyone is entitled to one regardless of how it may be perceived by another, you are entitled to view the topics you mentioned in this post however you see them, or how they may affect you, and you may do so without feeling ashamed or inhibited to voice them. Not everyone, Canadian or not, likes hockey, Tim Hortons, or maple syrup, and should not be taken to task if they don’t, especially when you are voicing them in satirical way.

    I like hockey, I much preferred the original six as well, and I truly hope to see the Leafs win another Stanley Cup before I go on to my next life, however, I wish all those connected with this sport ( other sports as well) would get back to basics and conduct the game more for the entertainment of those paying for the tickets, instead of the business aspect of it with regard to how many seats are being filled, and how ridiculously high they can demand their salary.

    Tim Hortons has grown very large, practically one on every corner anymore, but I feel they have lost the charm they once had – and yes – the coffee has grown bitter. I once heard that it has the highest concentration of caffeine anywhere, but I still stop there whenever I go home to visit my family and, I enjoy maple syrup in small amounts, especially when it is fresh, but that’s about the only time.

    If I have been typing ‘hogwash’ here, then forgive me, but expression of opinion and feelings is what makes this fine country what it is for those of us who are proud to be a part of it, likes, and dislikes included.



    • Thank you Rusty. You have proven my long-held view that my followers and regular readers are intelligent enough to detect the sarcasm and satire to which I frequently resort without having to be told “this is written tongue-in-cheek”


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