I didn’t ask for it

I’d like your opinions on something:

The past two years, I’ve used software from a company called UFile to prepare and file my income tax return online.  In each year, I’ve gone to a nearby store and purchased the disc myself.

Last year there was a change in my status and I didn’t care for some of the information this change seemed to require on the form, so thought I’d use some other programme this years.   My former partner also used this same software, got the same questions and, being more patient than I, contacted Revenue Canada, or whatever it calls itself now, only to be told they didn’t require any of the information UFile asked for and told her how to handle that portion (it involves reporting a lot of zeros).  That response only confirmed my decision to look elsewhere this year.

There’s the background.

Three days ago I received an email from UFile telling me I wouldn’t have to go out and buy the disc because they were mailing it to me.  Of course I still have to pay for it.  To date, Revenue Canada has not listed Ufile among the approved  software for preparing my 2012 tax return, yet yesterday I received the new disc in my mailbox.  They have not yet responded to my email asking why they are sending me unapproved software.

Here’s where I’d like to hear your views: This was sent to me unsolicited; the package does not display a return address, so I can’t send it back and, as of 11:55 this morning (Eastern Time) UFile has not been approved by the feds, so it may be useless anyway.  Am I honour bound to pay for this?  I hadn’t planned on using this software this year for the reasons I wrote above and did not request they send it to me.  It is currently sitting on my desk, unopened and being ignored.

Thanks for your views on this.  Since it’s Friday, enjoy your weekend and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


3 thoughts on “I didn’t ask for it

  1. Hi Cat,

    I never do my own as I don’t feel comfortable about it and because I run a small business I don’t feel I would do it right anyway, so I have it done for me, but If it were me in your present situation I would contact Revenue Canada and tell them you have received this disc which you did not request, and also remind them that they have not approved said disc for use and see what they say. I should think one would not be required to pay for something one did not order, but it is still best to check with them, that way you can also request the proper disc required for filing, and or the route you should take. Good luck with it.



  2. Hello,
    I arrived to your blog looking for someone who had also received an unsolicited disk from Ufile. I assume that if you don’t want it you can simply not install it, forget about it, and that would be the end of it. I supposed it would ask for payment once you tried to install it and will not activate until paid for. I wanted to know if someone had tried it and this was indeed the case.
    If this is indeed the case I would qualify it as an aggresive selling tactic but not something I am in any way obliged to buy. Similar to when banks send pre-authorized credit cards or the like. Maybe checking with them, but I see they have not aswered your email…
    By the way, I have been filing electronically my returns using Ufile for the last 4 or so years and have had no problems. When you say it is not authorized by the feds, is this because of your new status?


    • No. Every year the Canada Revenue Agency publishes a list of software that meets their criteria and is therefore authorized for use by people filing returns. As of five minutes ago (it is now 11:06 Eastern time) the CRA had not approved any programmes for use.


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