Twenty children aged between 5 and 10; seven adults including the shooter’s mother and the shooter himself.  That’s the disheartening news from Newtown, Connecticut today when a monster, whom I will not name, gained access to Sandy Hook school in that town and opened fire.  Current reports are that these incidents took place in two classrooms.  I haven’t heard details yet – the police aren’t saying much because, to use their description, “it’s an ongoing investigation” – but if that is the case, I would think this monster’s main target was his mother and the rest were, as the military puts it “collateral damage”.  They  happened to get his attention somehow.

That this “thing” wanted to kill his mother is bad enough, but to shoot twenty children as well is unspeakable.  The only question that comes to mind is “why?”

Another report via CNN is another attack on schoolchildren.  This time a man, later determined to be mentally ill, used a knife to attack 22 children in a school in China.

When and why did it become open season on our children?  What could possibly prompt people to target the most defenceless among us?  Are these callous acts simply because the young can’t defend themselves?  Or is the reason perhaps more selfish on the part of the shooter and they are looking for the notoriety such acts usually bring them?

These despicable acts are usually well-covered by the media.  Today, for example, about the only thing on both CNN and the CTV News Channel has been coverage of the shootings in Newtown.  I’m not suggesting these events shouldn’t be covered for they are major news, but perhaps a little less saturation coverage would dilute the appeal for the monsters that perpetrate these horrors upon us.  If they know they won’t be national or international news, that thought may dampen some of their evil enthusiasm.

Offer prayers for the children and parents, both in China, and Newtown Connecticut.


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