Why do they bother hiding?

Nobody called me today.  Before you start the “well, if you weren’t such a witch, people would call”, or offering to call, I’ll explain.  Got a call today, just about lunch time naturally, and this is what my call display showed:

Unknown name (000) 000-0000.

Now, if there’s no name and the number is a string of zeros, obviously there’s nobody there.

Okay, seriously now.  It would stand to reason this call was from some telemarketer.  The  fact that it came at mealtime (lunch in this case) and the number was hidden is pretty much a giveaway it’s someone selling something.  Sort of the telephone version of spam’s “undisclosed recipients”. But, why do they bother hiding their number?

Are telemarketers really so out of touch with the rest of the world they don’t realize most people have call display and further that many people won’t answer calls from numbers they don’t recognize; or “unknown name” and “unknown number” or, as in this case what is obviously a fake number?

Since call display is now so common, I’m sure these pests have noticed a reduction in their contacts. Not sure if they keep track of those figures, but they probably should. I’m sure those numbers would confirm my previous statement.   Because these salespeople can be very obnoxious on the phone, and “no call” registries don’t seem to be effective, ordinary citizens are ignoring these calls more and more all the time.

I don’t usually answer any calls when the name or number is blocked, this week being an exception.  Building management has hired a masonry company to replace some brickwork in my building – on the outside wall of my apartment and the two above it – so my place sounds as if I’m inside the brick they’re pounding on. I answered one such call this past week by snarling “WHAT?” into the receiver.  I must have scared whoever called because they hung up.  Very disappointing.  Many, many years ago I worked in a place like that and rule number one was “don’t let the customer hang up on you – hang up on them first.”  Damn it, he beat me to it this time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember to hug an artist – we need love (and identifiable phone calls) too.


2 thoughts on “Why do they bother hiding?

  1. I get people ringing me to FIX my computer….I just love it and have developed lots of ways to waste their time by keeping them on the phone until THEY hang up…great fun !


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