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Lately I’ve been watching a series called “Ancient Aliens”.  The show deals with the possibility that many events in both earth’s and man’s history were caused or influenced by aliens.  In my opinion, the show is far too one-sided in that it only deals with the idea these theories are true without presenting any opposing views.

Tonight’s show, at one point, was talking about the beliefs of some religions that gods live in volcanoes.  As part of the “proof”, one of the people interviewed said something to the  effect that if the US government could hollow out a mountain near Colorado Springs and  build a secret base at Cheyenne Mountain, why couldn’t gods do it too?  Of course, his comments were accompanied with footage of the entrance to the mountain and photos of the NORAD operation inside it.  Come on now, how secret can it be?

I realized tonight that show could also be the basis for a drinking game.  Every time the narrator uses the phrase “ancient astronaut theorists”, you take a drink.  Just have a designated driver.

Another show I watched was “True Story”.  Tonight’s show looked at the actual science behind Michael Crichton’s book (and ensuing movie) “Jurassic Park”.  It isn’t yet possible  to extract dinosaur DNA, but they say it isn’t all that far off.  When asked whether, if we had the technology, we should clone dinosaurs, one scientist said “why not?”.  Another scientist, an archeologist, disagrees.

This archeologist holds that Michael Crichton got it right when he showed dinosaurs as being warm-blooded creatures who travelled in herds, were quite intelligent and hunted in packs.  His comment was “if you clone a dinosaur, it will start conniving, then it will eat you.”  Sounds serious, not very grateful on the part of the dinosaur, but serious.

The show also mentioned that dinosaurs still exist and are all around us.  They have compared dinosaur skeletons and fossils to the dinosaurs of today and feel they have sufficient proof to say that yes, they are still with us.  We call them “birds”. They interviewed one scientist who is studying chicken embryos and who has discovered that up to a certain stage of development, the chicken embryo has a tail similar to a dinosaur and the wing bones, before they fuse, have three claws, just as most dinosaurs did and vestigal teeth.  Another scientist pointed out that if you watch an emu walk through mud, the tracks are remarkably similar to dinosaur tracks they’ve found.  I’ll never feel the same about birds again.

Enjoy your day and remember to hug an artist and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


3 thoughts on “Comments on television

  1. You just made me incredibly cross!! Bxxxxxy scientists!!! So even if it’s dangerous, if they would eat us, even supposing Michael Crichton got it right, it would still be OK to clone dinosaurs!!!! How many exclamation marks can I use on here before the machine implodes? I knew something like this would be on the cards as soon as they made Dolly the Sheep. These people are insane. And yes, birds are dinosaurs, or the relics of them, and I’m none too fussed about the largest of the species. I think eagles and so on look pretty much like those old pterodactyls. YUK.


  2. Whenever I hear or read a discussion about the scientific world saying “we could do this”, I am reminded of a line from the opening scenes of “The Six Million Dollar Man”. The line is “We can rebuild him – we have the technology”. That is terrible justification for doing anything and smacks of the child’s response when asked why she did something: because.


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