One of a kind

“Every single person on this planet is one of a kind, so why would they pretend to be just like everyone else? Makes no sense. You’re an individual, unlike anyone else, so you should celebrate that fact, not hide it.”

This was a comment I made to a friend during a chat on Facebook yesterday. And of course, like most of us who write, once I’d pressed “send”, I started analysing what I’d written.  Obviously, one of the first questions was “well, what about twins?”  Then decided that okay, while they may look identical, you can almost guarantee they won’t have the same personality or likes and dislikes, so yeah, they too are one of a kind.

“You are an individual … celebrate that”.  I realize that peer pressure, or the requirements of the corporate world can on occasion stifle any attempts to proclaim the individuality of the person. I’m not sure which places a greater penalty on non-conformity though – business, or one’s peers  – “what do you mean my corset isn’t suitable for the office?” or “if you want to be part of the incrowd sweetie, you can’t wear that”.

Often you will see young kids emulating the style of their current idol.  While this is often done to stand out from the crowd – adopting a flamboyant style – unfortunately chances are that person won’t be the only one doing it, so they’ve exchanged their own unique style for a chance to be part of the herd.  Great idea, but not original.

Perhaps that I’m 68 years old and have a guaranteed monthly income in the form of a government pension gives me more freedom to celebrate my individuality. Part of that celebration may be not really caring what people think, an attitude honed to a keen edge during my last seven working years.  Yes, of course there are some people whose views do matter to me, but very few. I do celebrate the fact I am one of a kind, both in my dress, my photography (on either side of the camera) as shown here,IMG_3422 01 Oct 16 12 and in my writings.  As I wrote in “I can’t do that”, I won’t be pinned down to any single topic.  Just me being me – I’m interested in anything and everything.

People are individuals, each unique.  They should celebrate that fact rather than try to be just another face in the crowd.

Okay, enough pontificating.  Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we’re all individuals and we need love too.


3 thoughts on “One of a kind

  1. i love the post and once again good writing…
    it is a shame that we live in such a plastic world where everyone wants to be everyone so we can fit it….
    it took me a long time to find and understand my self , though once in a while i do question that too..

    i will say for me it is age , as we grow we become more self understanding , and once we know we cant please all, … it opens you up…..

    and your pic… wow……


  2. Thank you for the compliment. I think the questioning ourselves is part of the growing process. I still question myself, even at my age and feel that when I stop asking I will have officially grown old.

    In my view, the first person you have to please is yourself, then those closest to you. Nobody else matters – they can either accept you or not and if they will not do that, then even if you change to suit them, they still wouldnt be happy.


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