Football first

The mind of Toronto football coach and part-time mayor Rob Ford must be a scary place to visit unless you’re a football fanatic. I have written previously of Robbie leaving council meetings before they were half finished to coach football, and the other actions of Toronto’s chief magistrate where they relate to his coaching duties.  And I’ve also written of his mantra-like response “it’s for the kids” whenever anyone dares question his actions.

Well, I would have to say his actions today really underline just how much importance Robbie places on coaching football to the exclusion of all else.  As I wrote earlier in the week, Robbie is currently in court defending himself against a $6,000,000 libel suit over comments he made during the 2010 civic elections.  Or rather he has been in court for the first two-and-a-half days of the case. During the lunch recess today, Robbie was seen leaving for the day.  No official reason was given for his afternoon absence, but it is well known that his football team, the Don Bosco Eagles, had a championship game this afternoon.

Now, I’m not saying Robbie put the fate of his football team over a case that could cost him 6 million, plus costs, but if he will cut out from a meeting of the Toronto executive committee – a committee he heads – for football, why wouldn’t he do the same to the courts.  The man has shown in previous incidents he has no respect for the law and this just further cements this contempt.  And of course, if he is indeed coaching this game, should anyone comment on it, his response will be “it’s for the kids”.

It’s time Robbie realized he isn’t indispensable, either at the Don Bosco football games or at City Hall.  Council seems to be functioning just fine without him and is actually getting things done; and there are assistant coaches who can do his job with “the kids”.

If he was in fact at that championship game, and he shows up on news coverage, I really hope the judge in the libel suit rips into him tomorrow for disrespecting the courts.

Enjoy your evening and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


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