Random musings

1 – This also happens in Canadian politics as well so I think it’s a valid question.  Who actually determines the winners in elections – is it the electoral process, as it should be, or is it the media?   I saw headlines (actually it was across the bottom of the screen) that read something like “media declares Obama winner”.  Granted the electoral system in Canada is different, but again, we find the media declaring a winner long before all the votes could possibly be counted. I always understood that these computerized projections the media use during election coverage are not necessarily accurate.  How could they be when the raw data is input by fallible humans?  Do you suppose we will ever again see an election where the people responsible for doing so will get to announce the election results before the media tells us what their projections show?  Almost sounds dictatorial: “the results of tomorrow’s election are …”  And have the media forgotten perhaps the most infamous of their projections:  “Dewey wins”?

2 – It is often said that people don’t want to get involved, especially if the event involves misfortune for someone else. On the late news on CTV Toronto tonight, there were two items where people did get involved.  The first was a fire in the east end of Toronto early this morning.  According to the news report, the fire was preceded by an explosion, which naturally attracted the attention of the neighbours.  At least one of those neighbours rushed over to help the people escape the blaze.

The other incident was a lady who had been hit by, and was trapped under, a Jeep in midtown Toronto.  Reports are that at least ten people left their vehicles and lifted the Jeep off the lady and pulled her out from under the Jeep – all this before EMS arrived on the scene.  They also kept the driver of the Jeep from fleeing the scene before police arrived.

3 – And finally, as I write this, it is 11:50 pm on November 26.  Standard time began at 2 am last Sunday. How long do you think it will take WordPress to change the time display on the stats to Standard time?   Just asking.

Enjoy your week and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


2 thoughts on “Random musings

  1. Well, Stalin once said that elections aren’t decided by those who cast the votes but by those who count them. Fortunately I have seen the media being wrong on who would win an election, or which way a referendum would turn. So they don’t decide the final outcome – yet!

    Another thing is that they all too often try to influence the outcome in advance through smear campaigns against one or the other candidate. 😦


  2. I for one find the entire American voting method extremely confusing as opposed to our Canadian way where we mark our choice on a paper ballot, which is then counted by humans and reported to the proper authorities by such. None of this electronic voting – or running the risk of a malfunction of a voting pad switching the voters choice upon contact – or result outcome being announced by the media before all the votes are counted. I was unaware until I watched the entire proceedings of how their voting system works, or that a candidate has been declared winner once they reach a certain number. One would think a winner could not be declared until every vote cast had been counted, but apparently that is not the way. Regardless of the way it’s done, I’m glad it turned out as it did, for I feel the States are continuing to be lead by the right person entrusted to do their job in the best possible way it can be done for not only a few, but for all.


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