Our words are powerful

I think that as writers, we sometimes forget just how much what we write may, or can, influence those who read our efforts.  Some of us, myself included, use our site on WordPress or wherever we choose to post, to rail against the inanities and insanities of various levels of government.  Or we will post a rant against whatever has incensed us that day.  Then again, we may write glowing reports on something we’ve thoroughly enjoyed  and want to share with our readers and followers. Nothing wrong with those reasons.

Yesterday, feeling somewhat more mellow than usual, I posted a piece I called “An essay on friends”.  I’ll wait if you want to read it before continuing.  There, finished?  I hope you read the comments as well.  Yes, those comments came from the two people I mention in the posting, but that doesn’t lessen the sentiments expressed.

“proudtobe” is a person I first met here on WordPress, then we began chatting on Facebook.  As with many conversations between close friends – and yes, I consider her a close friend, despite not having met yet – we cover many topics during our discussions.  She occasionally asks my opinion on various matters and I always try to answer her honestly and fully. None of those “that’s a dumb question” or “I don’t know” answers from me.  If someone asks a question, I’ll answer it to the best of my ability.  From her comments it is apparent she appreciates my candour when I respond to her questions.

Her response affected me.  Yes, it is filled with compliments, which are good for my ego I’ll admit, but what really struck me was the way it seems my words have influenced her.  In fact, I found her comments to be so heartfelt that I printed it and have in hanging on the wall near my desk to remind myself just how much influence our words can have.  And that she thinks I look great in fishnets doesn’t hurt either.  And no, I won’t post a photo so you can judge for yourself 🙂

I know there are times we’ll rattle off an opinion piece without really thinking about what we’re writing.  Keep in mind that although our posting may not attract any comments, that doesn’t mean we haven’t influenced someone, or given them something to think about.  As wrote in the title “Our words are powerful”.

Enjoy your weekend.  Do whatever you can to help the victims of Sandy.  Remember to  hug an artist – we need love too.


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