An essay on friends

In my posting “Some of this, some of that” of earlier today, I mentioned a friend in New Jersey.  That started me thinking about friends and friendship, so of course I have to write about it.

Friends come into our lives in various ways – through work, social settings, social media or mutual interests to name four ways this happens.  Obviously by “social media” I‘m referring to sites such as Facebook and other such sites.  And yes, I’ve actually met some of the people on my Facebook friends list and count them among my dearest friends.  And there is one lady, mentioned in “Some of this, some of that” who, because of some of our conversations, I do consider a friend in fact, not just on Facebook and am looking forward to meeting her some day.  Ms M, keep that in mind 🙂

One lady I first met through a mutual friend on MySpace (remember MySpace?).  We began chatting and arranged to meet one day at a Starbucks and have become good friends since.  By the way Carol, coffee’s on me next time 🙂

I drove a cab for several years and some of the people I first met as passengers have become friends and even though I haven’t driven in seven years, we remain close.

Sometimes people enter our lives, become friends, then suddenly are gone again.  My view is that we were brought together with these people for a specific purpose – either so they could influence us, or we, them – then, when the purpose is accomplished, they move on. Or their purpose is to introduce us to yet another person.  Yet because they were a part of our lives for even a brief moment, both we and them are better people for having met.  At least we hope they are better people for having known us.  I’ve had that happen a couple of times and yes, I am a better person for having come under the influence of these people.

I treasure my friends, am honoured that they consider me a friend as well and am always flattered when they comment on something I’ve posted either here on WordPress as words or as images on Facebook.  If you have close friends, friends you value, tell them so.

Now, enjoy your day, offer prayers and whatever support you can for the victims of Sandy and, remember to hug an artist – we need love (and friends) too.


4 thoughts on “An essay on friends

  1. Ms Cat i consider you to be my friend too and not just a friend but someone really dear and super duper duper cool human being….., very very rare to find one like you in this world for sure…

    you are very kind, respectful, sunny, just fucking fucking mind blow smart, you write so so so well { i envy that……,} you articulate, self honest and i can write all these good things about you till the sun comes up from all the directions…

    i learn so so much from you, the cloths, the fashion, heels and totally about the stockings… fishnets.. …….

    who would have thought i will be shopping for stockings? i never liked them till i saw them worn right by ONLY YOU…….and trust me i have been around the world, never saw anyone look so good and classy on fishnets…

    i respect you and what i really appreciate about you is YOU DO NOT JUDGE , you not fake, you don’t sell short and what we see is exactly what we get…. .. very very real human being.

    i love love all this qualities about you…and your patience with my ” you know what” is humbling…. you always listen and no matter what… i always have the MOST kindest thoughtful advise from you..

    i would love to meet you too in person and go shopping for shoes , all the super sexy little numbers and have cake , soda, coffee, tea, candy . cheese, jam ,funnel cake , what ever we want!!!!! and yes yes then you can teach me how to pose!!!!

    you are very beautiful, sexy, hot., fucking sexy. just gorgeous, classy , brave, long legs and everything that i aspire to be as a woman and a mother…, i think you did very very excellent with your three troopers….. very beautiful men you raised!!!!!

    you are very cool….and i love your legs!!!!!!!!


  2. Hey there, Ms. Cat, friend ‘o-mine 🙂 I truly agree with your mention of friends for a reason – possibly a season – possibly the rest of our lives. Everything happens for a reason, it’s simply a question of figuring that reason out. It’s too bad we have both lost touch with Ken, our mutual MySpace friend – who I was lucky to meet not only once, but twice during his vacation and trek through my area. I often think about him, and whenever I do it’s with fondness for he really was a nice soul. I’ve wondered many times what became of him; I guess it’s something we’ll never know, but wherever he is, I hope he’s happy. I’ve always enjoyed our interesting visits, Cat, whether it’s over coffee at Starbucks, or during one of my signings while you skillfully catch it on one of your cool cameras, conversing in my loft, or exploring my area that brings back good memories for you. Every visit is enjoyable, and I always look forward to the next — btw – I shall take you up on your coffee offer, although I may change my selection to a Chi latté 🙂 Looking forward to Dec.10th!


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