The day from heck

No, don’t worry, I’m not cleaning up my language that much.  The title though is a good description of my Saturday.  The only reason I can’t call it the day from hell is because of one good thing that happened later in the day.

The day started early because I had an appointment to get my hair done at 9:30.  The salon was the far side of the next town to mine.  Before I could keep that appointment, I needed to go to the bank.  We’ve had rain here since Friday evening, and there was no way I was going to wait for a bus with my hair freshly done, so I wanted cab fare.  The lady who does the weaves only comes in when needed, and she is habitually thirty minutes late, so the owner suggested I come at 10.  No problem, or so I thought.

My bank opens at eight, so I figured I could get there around half-past, then have plenty of time to take care of my banking and still catch the bus to get to the salon on time.  What was it John Lennon said about life and plans – “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”?  Got to the bank, then discovered I’d left my wallet at home with my bank card in it.  Great, Bus service early on Saturday morning sucks in Ajax and Pickering.  Fortunately one of the men I drove with was sitting at the mall cabstand, so he drove me home so I could collect my wallet, then return to the bank.  Another $20 I hadn’t planned on spending.  Took care of my business, then slogged through the rain to the bus stop and was able to get into the shelter.

Because I was now running right on the edge of the time allowance of course the bus was about twelve minutes late.  The bus finally arrived at my stop, halfway across town from where I needed to be, at the time I should have been at the salon.  I needn’t have stressed over my tardiness.  The stylist wasn’t there.  In fact, she wasn’t there for another 45 minutes. Had I actually been there for the 9:30 appointment, I would have waited almost an hour and a half before she showed up.  With me, the appointment consists of taking out the weave; unbraiding my hair; combing it out, then washing it and rebraiding it before putting the new weave in.  Obviously this is time consuming, which normally isn’t a problem.  But, based on the 9:30 start time, I made an appointment to get my nails done at two o’clock.  Things being usual, I should have had time to get from the salon, in the west end of Pickering to the nail place, which is near my home in west Ajax. However, since she was so late arriving for the hair appointment, I had to telephone the nail place from the cab and cancel the appointment because there was no possibility of getting there within a reasonable allowance of my appointment time.

I decided instead to do some grocery shopping, then just go home.  In the grocery store, they actually had most of what I wanted – I still have to find the chicken I want.  Get through the checkout and am packing my bags, then prepare to leave.  I’d taken about three steps when the gentleman who had been behind me, called me.  When I turned, he held up my wallet and said “you forgot this”. Since, like most people, my life is in my wallet, it was that act of kindness that prevented it from being the day from hell.

I hope you’ve had a better weekend.


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