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Does anyone else find it more than a coincidence that Toronto mayor Rob Ford is talking about eliminating three positions at city hall?  Would you find it less of a coincidence if you were told the three positions are the ones that give him the most grief?  The Ethics Commissioner has rapped the knuckles of both Mayor Rob and brother Councillor Doug on several occasions and has forced both to apologize for comments made on Robbie’s radio show about Toronto’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.  The Ombudsman deals with complaints from the public about city hall and the way the public has been treated.  And finally, the Lobbyist Registrar is also in his sights.  All three have had the temerity to call the mayor and his brother on some of their stupider stunts.  And these are the three Robbie was talking about eliminating.  Unfortunately for him, provincial law requires the city have an ombudsman and an ethics commissioner.

Yesterday marked the halfway point in Robbie’s term.  There was a bit of a ceremony at city hall, but Robbie thought it more important to be with the Don Bosco Eagles, the football  team he coaches.

Councillor Doug, upon being ordered to apologize to the Chief Medical Officer of Health, is quoted as saying “I’ll apologize, but I won’t mean it.” What does that mean Dougie – that you’ll have your fingers crossed behind your back when you say “I’m sorry”?  Child, grow up – you and your brother both need to start acting your age and in line with your positions in Toronto.

I wrote earlier that Premier Dalton McGuinty had announced he was stepping down as Premier and that he had prorogued the legislature as well.  The prorogation saved his ass (although he denies that’s why he did it) as there were a couple of inquiries about to begin that would raise some very awkward questions about the Liberal government.  Since the parliamentary session has been put on hold, that stops the inquiries.  But, the Liberals won’t be choosing a new leader until late January 2013.  That means the legislature will be shut down from mid-October, when Dalton made his announcement, and early to mid-February, when the new leader reconvenes the session.  This is not the kind of government we voted for. Oh yes, there is also talk of a provincial election this coming spring as well.

And something a little more personal here.  I tend to wear miniskirts (hey- I’m told I’ve got great legs, so why not) most of the time, as you can see in the photo following this posting.  One day I posted a photo on Facebook of me in a long dress just to prove I do own something below the knee.  A neighbour made a comment that it looked good and I should wear that length all the time.  To her, I say, I didn’t ask for your opinion, so piss off.




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