Spam can be such a gold mine

The spam folder can be real gold mine when looking for something to write about.  I hadn’t checked my email spam folder for several days into a little while ago.  The following is the first item in the listing:

ConfirmNow via
02:18 (9 hours ago)
to gcathoward


10-13-2012,Ticket #M8965 to your [100-1000]Usd cash advance.

Our records indicate you may Have cash on hold

Please look over your loan application.


First, I’ve removed all the links from the original message because as I found out with my original site, Catsworld1, WordPress considers anything with more than one link to be spam and shuts you down.  There was a “click here” link after every single line in this email, so I’m not taking chances.

“Our records indicate you may Have cash on hold”.  Fine.  You’ve got my email address, so email it to me thank you very much.

“Please look over your loan application”.  Well, that might be difficult because the only forms/applications I’ve filled out in the past week were some forms for the Ontario government and I haven’t submitted them yet. They’re still sitting on my writing desk because government forms have fees attached, so I’ll have to wait for my next pension cheque.

Notice the amount is rather vague “100 – 1000 Usd”.   A hundred dollars US is about 102 Canadian right now.  Rather have the grand.  It might come in handy for some of the other messages in spam, such as the following:

Lonely Cheating Wives.
16:26 (19 hours ago)

Why Wait have an affair with a cheating wife today

Or this one:

12 Oct (1 day ago)
to gcathoward

Looking to Date a Married But Lonely Wife?

Neglected and Lonely Housewives..searching for love Search for Discreet Housewives looking to Date.

–Thank you–

Once again I’ve removed all the links.   I think the thousand dollars on hold for me might help with these two messages.

Somehow I think all three of the messages I’ve mentioned in this posting are nothing but phishing expeditions and anyone responding would find there is nothing there for them except a lot of grief.

The other two messages were first, an offer for a $100 certificate from McDonalds.  I’ve read articles that state nobody ever actually gets a hundred dollar certificate from the clown, but they’ve given lots of personal information based on the hopes of doing so.  Personally I don’t think I’ve spent $100 at McDonalds in the past year.  The second was an offer from Blockbuster for movies and games delivered right to my mailbox for free.  Right.  Blockbuster in Canada has gone bankrupt and doesn’t exist any longer, so where are these coming from?

So, I’m not going to claim money I didn’t apply for.  I’m not going to concern myself about all these lonely housewives, one reason being “Cat” is short for “Catharine”, and McDonald’s doesn’t appeal to me (except their fries – love their fries) and I can’t figure out how a bankrupt company can send me anything.   Gonna be a quiet weekend obviously.

Enjoy your weekend and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.  And if you find messages such as those I’ve just written about  – delete them.


6 thoughts on “Spam can be such a gold mine

  1. I get these as well, Cat, all the time. I don’t think I would be far off the mark in assuming everyone who use the web and have an active e-mail address does. I either block them or mark as phishing scams – sometimes both – but I never ‘bite’ regardless of how appealing they make it sound. Too bad there are people who do, and I wish more could be done to eliminate the leeches behind these scams. Obviously there are those who have nothing better to do than cause grief for others, but I hope people will listen to their common sense with regard to this stuff and steer clear.


  2. I love your post.. I received one just now from “” regarding cheap auto insurance. Now, I live in the US of A, so how could a company based in Australia (that’s the au for those who don’t know) offer me any rates cheaper than what I have here in Virginia? ((sigh))… it just frustrates me to no end that I cannot take advantage of all these wonderful money-saving offers! Dontcha just love it? ….LOL… thanks for making my day a bit brighter! !~~ Becki G.


  3. Considering one of the “lonely housewives” messages I received also came from it would seem this is just an attempt to separate people from their personal information. And, you’re welcome. 🙂


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