What’s in that stuff?

I don’t know how many of my followers and readers share their living space with cats, but this is aimed at cat owners.  I’ve had Niobe, my wee beastie (although he’s not so “wee” any longer) for five years.  During that time, there have been two constants in his life: Iams cat food, and Whiskas Temptations for his treats.

I’ve noticed that if I’m busy on the computer – be it games (I love Free Cell), writing or working on photos – and miss his feeding time by an hour or so, there is very little fuss raised by a certain grey cat.  But, let me miss his normal treat time by as little as ten minutes and all hell breaks loose.

Kind of makes me wonder just what exactly is in those Temptations.  The flavour doesn’t matter, although he seems to prefer the seafood medley, just don’t be late giving them to him.  Now, I’m not any kind of scientist or dietitian, but from the reaction I get, and my friend reports that her cat gives her the same sort of hard time if she’s late, it would appear there is something in them to which the cats become addicted.

There have been occasions when I haven’t had any Temptations in the house, usually because my local grocery store is out of stock, and I’ve had to substitute other treats.  Or rather I try to.  When faced with these substitutions, Niobe has a very subtle way of telling me he isn’t impressed – he tries to bury them.  So, obviously, as I wrote above, there is something in the Temptations that cats find addictive.

Enjoy your Sunday evening and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.  Now I must give wee beastie his evening treats before he claws my leg off.

Cat (and no, I haven’t tried them)

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