What could we call it?

I came across an interesting question this morning.

Random thought: If “standard” time covers approximately 4 months of the year, wouldn’t daylight savings time really be standard since that is what we use the other 8 months?

Good question isn’t it?  Can you think of any other instance where the lesser amount (or in this case, span of time) is the standard rather than the larger portion?  I can’t.

I don’t think the logic can be faulted either.  For eight months of the year, we function under what is called “Daylight Savings Time” and for the remaining four months, half the period under DST, we are on what is called Standard Time, so purely on the basis of that ratio of 2:1, Daylight Savings Time is in fact our standard.

Places like Saskatchewan, which don’t turn the clocks forward (or back) wouldn’t be affected by any change such as that suggested in the question.  To them, it’s always the same time.

But, let’s assume for the moment the inquirer’s question were to be taken seriously and someone with much more time on their hands (sorry)  than you or I decides that “yeah, that does make sense.  Let’s do it” and makes Daylight Savings Time the “new Standard Time”.  Okay fine, we now have a Standard Time that covers eight months out of the year.  Now this brings up another matter.  Obviously we can’t have two “Standard Time’s”, so what do we call the clock setting for that four month period.  Since I’m in Canada (aka “The Great White North”) one idea would be “Winter Time”.  Now obviously that name may not have much support across the southern United States where, for the most part, ice is found in drinks or hockey rinks.  I suppose you could opt for “Sub-standard Time”, but that sounds like an extremely boring party and isn’t really very complimentary.

Now obviously such a change isn’t going to happen, but following the fiction writer’s favourite words (or what should be a fiction writer’s favourite words) “what if …” I’m open to suggestions on what we might call the “old Standard Time”.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend – obviously I am – and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


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