Bring him to justice – my perspective

As you know, since mid-August I have written a series of postings under the general title “Bring him to justice” on my previous site “catsworld1″ and reposted here.  These postings deal with the Toronto Police Service search for a man named George Flowers, aka “Mr Flowas” wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  Here’s the link to the Public Safety Alert issued by the police:   The reason this was issued, and why police want him is that, according to the Alert, he was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996, but neglected to tell any of his partners.  I know people he dated, some of whom have since tested positive.

With the exception of Toronto news television station CP24, which ran an item once, and one of the newspapers, which devoted two column inches to the Alert when it was issued,  there has been no media coverage of this.  I have learned through people that I seem to be the only source of information on this man and the search for him.  As you can imagine, the fact the police are finally looking for him has awakened memories in his victims and subjected them to much unwanted and unnecessary stress.  I have all postings in the “Bring him to justice” series checked and approved by some of the people I know, just so you don’t think I’m callously adding to their stress.

When I began this series, I felt it would be a supplement to whatever coverage the commercial media gave this search.  I didn’t realize it would be the only coverage.  I’ve already taken a swipe at the media in “Bring him to justice – media questions” over that, so I won’t revisit it now.  I’m sure there are people out there who would wish I’d stop writing about this, for amazingly he still does have some supporters.  But, I’m doing this for my friends.  The lack of media coverage has some of them questioning whether anything is being done at all and if this series can at least show them the name of George Flowers is being kept before the public, then I’m doing some good.

I’ll admit I have no idea what those people who are positive have gone through in rebuilding their lives since the diagnosis, but I do have some idea of the stress they are now suffering, for writing this series has been hard on me.  Listening to my friends, and reading some of the comments – most not posted because I felt doing so may identify someone – and private messages I’ve received has on occasion been both heart-wrenching and encouraging and yes, I’ve shed tears over some of the comments.  People telling me what they’ve been through since knowing George Flowers, and also telling me to keep it up because my posts keep them going.  To those people, I offer my humble thanks and assure you I won’t stop until he’s in jail.

I do this for these people and for my friends, because what kind of person would I be if I wasn’t willing to stand up for my friends?


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