I can spell, I just can’t type

Grammar and composition always came easily to me throughout my school years.  I just had one of those minds that revelled in the well-crafted sentence and the perfectly chosen word. Now, many years after my formal education ended,  I still prefer to write in longhand – you do remember cursive script, don’t you? – and then transcribe onto the computer.

Until recently, once I had finished editing,  this would have been a simple matter of transcribing my scrawl onto the screen in the Arial I prefer to use.  That all changed about three months ago.  That was when I was given a newer keyboard, which is more compact than my previous IBM keyboard.  After years of using the IBM, my fingers were accustomed to the locations of the keys and automatically flew to the next letter in the word I was typing.  But with this newer, more compact keyboard, I find I’m having difficulty in retraining my fingers to move the shorter distance from the home row.  Compounding my problem is that at the moment I have long nails which occasionally catch the key above or beside the one I want.  I can hear you saying “well then, shorten the nails – that’ll solve part of the problem.”  Nice thought but at the moment, it isn’t possible.  In addition to the writing/blogging, I’m a photographer and also do a bit of modelling and have a shoot coming up within the week for which I need the long nails.  The avatar photo of the rose stuck in the top of my boot came from one of those photo sessions.

I know that eventually I will succeed in retraining my fingers, but until I do I ask my readers to keep in mind that if you find any errors it’s just as I said in the title “I can spell, I just can’t type.”

Enjoy your week and  remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


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