Bring him to justice – stop the nonsense

DATE: Sept 11

My recent “Bring him to justice” series about George Flowers has certainly stirred things up in certain quarters.  This has been evident in the comments these various postings have attracted.  I’ve not posted most of the comments received for various reasons, some of which prompted the subtitle of this posting.

There were several personal attacks, which didn’t live to see the light of day.  You know nothing about me, so why are you trying to ascribe qualities to me and motives to what I write?  Perhaps it’s just as I wrote in the first piece, “Bring him to justice” and I’m simply trying to help friends.  But you’re so caught up in your paranoia you refuse to see that someone can do something without having an ulterior motive.  I must admit though that one of these attacks did manage to call me something I’ve never been called before – a drama queen.  Can anyone who’s read this series honestly tell me I come across as being a drama queen because of something I’ve written there?

There was one, let’s call it a rant for that’s the way it read, that didn’t get approved because it mentioned information that I had but never used in any posting and was inaccurate in other details.  If you’re going to manufacture facts and try to support them with something not written in the postings, you may as well have started your message with “I’m a supporter of George” for it’s that obvious.

I’ve also had several that asked questions that I felt could be better answered in a private email, rather than by posting the comment, then adding my response.  They ended up in the spam here on WordPress and my email also ended up in the trash because my response was returned with the notation “email address does not exist”.  If you’re going to leave a comment – no matter how glowing the compliment – then ask a question, don’t use a phony email address.  What you wrote may have contained something that I’d missed in these postings and would have included had I been aware of it, but if you choose to hide behind a fake name and email address, the only place your comment is headed is the spam folder.

To those who would send these frivolous comments, stop the bullshit.  I know, or know of, at least four people who have had their lives ruined by this monster and I want him off the streets.  These postings have  taken a toll on me as well and my patience is at an all-time low, so just cut the crap.  I don’t have time for your nonsense.


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