Bring him to justice – silence

DATE: Sept 10

TITLE: Bring him to justice – silence

Approximately a month ago, the Toronto Police Service issued a Public Safety Alert regarding a man named George Flowers, aka Mr Flowas, wanted for aggravated sexual assault.  According to the alert, this man was diagnosed HIV positive in 1996 but never told his sexual partners.  Here’s the link to the police alert:

As I wrote in my original posting, “Bring him to justice”, I know two people who dated this man and therefore have an emotional interest in seeing this man off the streets.  According to what people have told me, I’m the only person who has been writing about this, trying to keep his name before the public.  I find this surprising.  Surely I can’t be the only person who knows someone whose life has been affected by this man and is willing to do their part to see him brought to justice.  Someone has suggested nobody else is writing about this from fear; that they are afraid of possible repercussions from supporters of this man.  I beg your pardon.  So if I understand this, you’re more concerned about your own well-being than you are about publicly supporting your friends?  Is that correct – you’re not willing to stand up for your friends since there may be some risk involved?  Are you sure you’re a friend?

It has been suggested that it’s the media’s job to publicize this sort of thing.  Yes, they should be doing their part, but consider just how many releases of all kinds the papers, radio and television stations receive during the course of a day.  They have to go through this flood of information and decide which of the various releases will attract the attention of their audience.  I understand CP24 did publicize this once.  A check on Google did show that many radio stations did make reference to the bulletin on their news sites, including stations as far afield as Winnipeg, Edmonton and New Westminster, B C.

I was told two weeks ago that I seem to be the only person trying to do something on this matter and that others may be afraid to speak up. I hadn’t planned on writing another “Bring him to justice” piece until either I had more concrete information, or he was in custody, but those comments have been eating at me.  And if you’re a long-time reader, you know that if something bothers me, I’m going to write about it.  Those comments have been bugging me, so this piece is the result.

To my followers and readers, enjoy your week.  Thank you for your interest in my writings and remember to hug an artist – we need love too.


*I define “artist” as anyone who engages in a creative pursuit – art, poetry, writing, 1photography or anything else creative*


Me on September 10, 2012 at 5:33 pm said: Edit

I have posted all ur writings on bring him to justice on my Facebook he has even made him rounds with woman in Ottawa and I find if it wasn’t for u I think nobody would have know there is nothing said about the woman he was with in Ottawa he has been with this one woman for about 6 yrs and others . Nobody wants to talk about it here in Ottawa why it’s so strange

Brianna’s Happy Life on September 10, 2012 at 8:51 pm said: Edit

Though I live in the United States, I still appreciate the warning. It takes courage to stand up for a friend to help bring someone to justice.

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