Bring him to justice – reaction

DATE: Aug 28

Earlier this morning I published “Bring him to justice – updated photos” which consisted of  more recent photos of George Flowers than the one in the Public Safety Alert.  One of those photos showed this man with a woman.  Since I was unable to crop her out of the photo, I deliberately obscured her face, much like television stations do when they can’t reveal an identity. If you check the photo, you will see there is just a blank – not even a blur, but a blank – where this woman’s face should be.  I doubt even her mother could identify her from that photo.

This morning I received a comment that read “Defamation of Character LOOK IT UP” Since the person had given their email address, I sent them the following message:  And how is publicizing a police public safety alert defamation of character?   If you’re referring to the photograph, I deliberately obscured the face of the woman.  If your defamation claim is because that is you, unless I approve your comment, nobody else will know.   So, what’s it going to be – do I put your comment up with your name, or do I change the photo for one with the face clear?   your choice”.

Yes, I know my message is a little harsh, especially the last part of it, but this is the same person who asked, after the first posting in this series, for the name of the person who tested positive.  As she hadn’t asked that I not use her name, in the second part I wrote about her question (which I personally found offensive and stupid – after all if I didn’t use names in the post, why would she think I’d tell a stranger?) and originally said a person using the name xxxxx had asked for the names.  All I used was a first name but from the firestorm, you’d think I’d given all her personal information. News flash honey – you ain’t the only person on earth with that name no matter what your parents may have told you.  After seeking advice I did remove her name, but also put up a comment to the effect that  the change was made following such advice.   In the meantime, she copied a photo from WordPress and posted it on her Facebook in an attempt to find out who I was. Once I changed the name, through an intermediary, I told her of the change and gave her a certain amount of time to remove the photo or I would publicize her name.

Because of her previous rants and ravings, I decided it’s time for some hardball.  Today, she has issued threats against me – threats I consider serious enough that I am informing the authorities.  She apparently has more photos up on her profile to find me.  I am unable to find anyone to communicate with her for me, so unstable do they perceive her, but I presume many of today’s hits have been her looking to see if I’ve dropped the photo, so through this posting I’m telling her to remove the photos of me and stop trying to find me permanently within one hour of this posting or both her face and name will be made public.
As it stands, it appears she is stalking me.

This woman seems to be so paranoid about being associated with this man that she is willing to make threats to people who write about him?  She claims my postings are causing her trouble with her family and friends.  Well, sweetie, perhaps you should have been more careful with whom you choose to associate.  She claimed I accused her of hiding this man and having slept with him and, as a result is now HIV positive.  Sorry again.  I suggest you learn to understand what exactly it is you are reading.  I do suggest someone may be hiding him, but make no accusations other than to say she appears to be a supporter of this man.  She claimed I’m playing with her emotions.  If you’re paranoid enough to think that, you need more help than you realize.  How can I play with your emotions when I don’t even know you?  And, by the way, you seem so unstable I wouldn’t want to know you.

I’m not playing with anyone’s emotions.  I make no accusations regarding anyone’s relationship with this person.  I simply want to get this menace off the street before he murders more women.


Email received from Detective Constable Nancy Johnston on September 5, 2012.

Nancy Johnston

08:20 (2 hours ago)

to me

Hello Cat,

I am the officer investigating the aggrevated sexual assault allegations against George Flowers.

I have stumbled upon your blog and have read what has been going on.

I appreciate you making more people aware of this investigation as we deem this situation as a major public safety risk.

My goal is to find and speak with anyone who has had sexual contact with Mr. Flowers.  They need to know that there is an active investigation and given the option of whether they would proceed with police involvement.  His non-disclosure actions are criminal whether or not a sexual encounter resulted in HIV infection. A lot of people are under the impression that if they DIDN’T contract HIV, that they have no criminal claim and that is false. The charge is for the “threat” of contracting the virus at the time of sexual contact if they were NOT advised of someone’s HIV status PRIOR to any sexual encounter.

The reason I am telling you this is because you indicated in your blog that you have spoken to other people who have been previous sexual partners of Mr. Flowers.

If you have any further information in regards to his whereabouts or anything else, I would appreciate it.  You can remain anonymous.  If you can also advise the other people who have been previous partners of Mr. Flowers of what I wrote, it would be appreciated.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call me.

Thanks in advance for your time.


Nancy Johnston
Detective Constable #8734
Family Violence Unit
Toronto Police Service
Phone: (416)-808-5505

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